Ms. Prema Ponnudurai

A passionate academic with a background in linguistic and literature. She is Program Director for the American Degree Program @ Taylor’s with a wealth of experience in all aspects of education: be it in a classroom, as a researcher or administrator.
Ms. Thavamalar Thuraisingam

A long serving, dedicated lecturer who is actively involved in the teaching and learning of communication and academic writing courses. She is particularly interested in enhancing the first year experience of students and empowering them to achieve their educational goals.
Ms. Mary Varghese

An experienced senior lecturer who has taught language, literature and communication at the pre-university and tertiary levels, she has a keen interest in matters of civil and political rights as well as social consciousness. Her interdisciplinary doctoral research examines issues of identity within the context of political economy.
Ms. Eshodha Ann Andrew

An academic who is enthusiastic about student-centered learning, she has led various educational initiatives such as the First Year Experience, Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities, and student success programs.
Dr. Ho U-Minh Mahinda

A reflective lecturer with a double MA in English Language and Literature.