Dr Caroline Chua Lin Lin

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D in Immunology (University of Melbourne, Australia),
B.Sc. (Hons) (Microbiology) (University of Melbourne, Australia).

  • Monocytes/ macrophages
  • Malaria in pregnancy
  • Transplacental nutrient transport
  • Biomarker detection

Research Interests
  • Pathogenesis of malaria in pregnancy
  • Transplacental nutrient transport
  • Immuno-protective and immunopathological roles of monocytes/ macrophages

Peer Reviewed Papers (10 most significant)
  • Caroline Lin Lin Chua, Brown, G., Hamilton, J.A., Rogerson, S. and Boeuf, P. (2012).  Monocytes and macrophages in malaria: Protection or pathology?. Trends in Parasitology 29: 26-34.
  • Philippe Boeuf, Aitken, E., Chandrasiri, U., Chua, C.L.L., McInerney, B., McQuade, L., Duffy, M., Molyneux, M., Brown, G., Glazier, J. and Rogerson, S. (2013).Plasmodium falciparum malaria elicits inflammatory responses that impair placental amino acid transport. PLOS Pathogen 9 (2): e1003153.
  • Caroline Lin Lin Chua, Brown, G.V., Hamilton, J.A., Molyneux, M. E., Rogerson, S. J. and Boeuf, P. (2013), Soluble CD163, a product of monocyte/macrophage activation, is inversely associated with haemoglobin levels in placental malaria. PLOS One 8 (5):e64127.
  • Upeksha P. Chandrasiri, Chua, C.L.L., Umbers, A.J., Chaluluka, E., Glazier, J.D., Rogerson, S.J. and Boeuf, P. (2013), Insight into the pathogenesis of fetal growth restriction in placental malaria: Decreased placental glucose transporter isoform 1 expression. Journal of Infectious Diseases (doi: 10.1093/infdis/jit803).

Conference Abstracts/ Proceedings (10 most significant):
  • Caroline Lin Lin Chua, Umbers, A.J., Chaluluka, E., Rogerson, S.J. and Boeuf, P. (2009).  Transplacental glucose transport in placental malaria. International Federation of Placental Associations meeting, Oct 6-9, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Caroline Lin Lin Chua, Brown, G., Hamilton, J. A., Jaworowski, A., Rogerson, S. and Boeuf, P. (2012). The different uptake pathways of malaria-infected erythrocytes by macrophages result in distinct cytokine profiles. Molecular Approaches to Malaria, Feb 19-23, Lorne, Australia.

Awards & Honours
  • Melbourne International Fee Remission scholarship (2008-2012)
  • Melbourne International Research scholarship (2008-2012)
  • Nossal Institute of Global Health Postgraduate scholarship (2008 – 2012)
  • Network Researcher Exchange, Training and Travel Award (Australian Society for Parasitology) (2010)

Professional Affiliations
  • Member of Australian Society for Parasitology
  • Member of International Journal for Infectious Diseases