Law Kung Pui


M.Sc in Chemistry (National University of Malaysia),
B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry (National University of Malaysia).
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Coordination Chemistry
  • Molecular photochemistry and electrochemistry
  • Spectroscopic techniques
  • Single crystal X-ray crystallography

Research Interests
  • Design and fabrication of photosensitizer complexes for photocatalytic water splitting.
  • Structural, electrochemical and photochemical properties of molybdenum, tungsten, ruthenium and rhenium complexes with diimine, nitrosyl and/or carbonyl ligands.
  • Complexation reactions of mono- and polynuclear metal complexes.
  • Syntheses and reactions of heterocyclic ligands.

Peer Reviewed Papers (10 most significant)
  • C.S. Wong, K.H. Badri, N. Ataollahi, K.P. Law, M.S. Su’ait, N.I. Hassan. Synthesis of New Bio-Based Solid Polymer Electrolyte Polyurethane-LiClO4 via Prepolymerization Method: Effect of NCO/OH Ratio on Their Chemical, Thermal Properties and Ionic Conductivity, International Journal of Chemical and Molecular Engineering, 1(11), 216.
  • Mark Lee Wun Fui, Law Kung Pui, Lee Yook Heng, Mohammad Kassim. Molybdenum Complex as Potential Photosensitiser for Direct Water Splitting, 2013, Materials Science Forum, 756, 231.
  • Law Kung Pui, Wong Woei Hung and Bohari M. Yamin, Mohammad B. Kassim. 3,3′′,4,4′′-Tetra¬meth¬oxy-1,1′:4′,1′′-terphen¬yl, 2011, Acta Crystallography Section E, 67, o1892.

Book Chapters (10 most significant):
  • M. Kassim, K. Ariffin, L. Minggu, L. K. Pui, W. R. W. Daud. Photostability study of tris(dithiolene)tungstate, dye sensitizers for a photocatalytic H2O splitting reaction, WHEC 2008, Volume 2, 2008, Pages 903-907. (ISBN: 9781615674541)

Conference Abstracts/ Proceedings (10 most significant):
  • Law Kung Pui and Mohammad B. Kassim. Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical Studies of Tricarbonil Rhenium(I) Complex with (4-bromophenyl)(3-(pyridine-2-yl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)methanone Ligand. 17th Malaysian Chemical Congress (17MCC). PWTC, 15-17th October 2012.
  • Mohammad Kassim, Khuzaimah Arifin, Lorna Minggu, Law Kung Pui, Wan Ramli Wan Daud. Photostability Study of tris(dithiolene)tungstate, Dye Sensitizers for a Photocatalytic H2O Splitting Reaction. Proceeding 17th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 15-19th June 2008.
  • Law Kung Pui and Mohammad B. Kassim. Synthesis of Dinuclear Nitrosyl Molybdenum Phenolate Complexes and Poly-dioxolene Ligands. Seminar Bersama UKM-ITB VII. Indonesia, 11-12th December 2007.
  • Mohammad B. Kassim and Law Kung Pui. Synthesis of Dinuclear Nitrosyl Molybdenum Phenolate Complexes and Poly-dioxolene Ligands. 12th Asian Chemical Congress (12ACC). Kuala Lumpur, 23-25th August 2007.