For many students, one of the most daunting yet exciting decisions to make is choosing a major. The path to choosing a major will be different for different people; some students already have an idea about what they want to major in, while others need time to discover and explore their interests before finding a major.

It’s important to remember that discovering your major is a process, and may take a few semesters of work on your part. At Taylor’s Business School, we have designed our curriculum to give you some flexibility in choosing your major. 
What is the Bachelor of Business (Hons) curriculum like?
The Bachelor of Business (Hons) gives you the flexibility to personalise your path of study with a choice of business core and majors, and to experience practical, industry-relevant teaching and mentoring from an acclaimed business faculty.
* The Ministry of Education (MOE) requires all students to take Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) (i.e. General Studies) which is categorised under U1, U2, U3 and U4 within the duration of their studies. U1 modules are prescribed by MOE whereas U2, U3 and U4 modules are from a list of University Core Modules (UCM) prescribed as per the Programme Guide.

Internship and Industry Immersion Programme
A distinctive feature of our Bachelor of Business (Hons) curriculum is the internship and industry immerson programme at established organisations. The internship programme aims to provide you with a deeper cross-cultural appreciation of both business practices and research, whereas industry immersion programme is specially designed to provide you with a wealth of exposure with some of the prestigious companies in the corporate world, and receive exclusive training, insights and mentorship form industry veterans.