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Expand your thinking, increase your choices, fast-track your career

Our Master in Management (MMgt) programme will give you a solid knowledge foundation in business and economics and specialist training in organisational management. This coursework programme is designed to produce successful managers. Our postgraduate students will be trained in key areas such as managing innovation and change, motivating and leading people, developing strategies for national and global markets, and developing customer-oriented organisations.

Our Master in Management programme is an ideal training course for those seeking a career in management or whose current industry role requires enhanced managerial and leadership capabilities.

The programme aims to enhance graduates' capabilities through:
  • Strategic and critical thinking approach to developing solutions.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in core areas of management.
  • Critical evaluation of evidence to support propositions.
  • Application of competent management theories, principles and data.
  • Enhanced ability to synthesise ideas, theories and data.
  • Ethical work practices through sound corporate governance processes.
  • Proficiency in conducting research and assessing information.

The master’s programme in Management is normally completed in 18 months of part-time study and the maximum time permitted for completion is 5 years.  For our (Master in Management) programme, students are given the flexibility of working full-time and the ability to complete a postgraduate qualification without disrupting their current employment.

Who should apply?
The MMgt programme at Taylor’s University is ideal for students holding undergraduate degrees in areas outside of commerce whose goal may be to assume a managerial position in their particular field of expertise.

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