Dr Gu Manli


Subjects Taught (undergraduate level)
  • Research methods
  • Cross-Cultural Management

Research Interests
  • Culture and development
  • Intercultural comparison of social beliefs

Scholarly Activities
  • Reviewer of Asian Journal of Social Psychology
  • Reviewer of Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Reviewer of The Sociological Quarterly

  • Gu, M.L. and Rezaei, S. (2017). Value and Risk: Dual Pillars of Apps Usefulness. Apps Management and E-Commerce Transactions in Real-Time, 274-292.
    Gu, M.L. From Huntington to Inglehart-Norris: The missing link between the two 'clash' theses. Submitted to Religion, State and Society.
    Gu, M. L. (2013). Inglehart-Welzel’s Traditional vs. Rational Index revisited: A comparison between China and the West. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 16 (3), 213-227.
    Bomhoff, E. J. and Gu, M. L. (2012a). East Asia Remains Different – A comment on the Index of Self-expression by Inglehart and Welzel. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 43(3), 373-383.
    Bomhoff, E.J. and Gu, M. L. (2012b). East Asian exceptionalism – rejoinder. Journal of CrossCultural Psychology, 43(7), 1055-1057.
    Gu, M.L. and Bomhoff, E. J. (2012). Religion and support for democracy: A comparative study for Catholic and Muslim countries. Politics and Religion, 5(2), 280-316.Bomhoff, E.J. and Gu, M.L. “Malaysia’s Muslims: The first World Values Survey” Nottingham University Business School Malaysia Campus Research Paper No. 2008-10.

  • International Conference on Business and Social Sciences, “From Huntington to Inglehart-Norris: The missing link between the two ‘clash’ theses”. 28th -30th March 2014. Tokyo, Japan.
  • World Sinology Conference 2012 - Sinology and the World Today, “InglehartWelzel’s Tradtional vs. Rational Index revisited: A comparison between China and the West”. 3 rd – 5 th November 2012. Renmin University, Beijing. Discussant for the paper “An estimation of the intergenerational income elasticity of China” by Chyi, Jiang and Sun, for the panel on “Chinese exploration and world economic order”.
  • ASEAN-China Symposium, “Few hard-core Republicans and Democrats in China”. 5 th – 6 th December 2011. Monash University, Malaysia.
  • ICBBR Inaugural Workshop, “A cross-national study of religion and political orientations: Evidence from the World Values Survey”. 31 st August – 2 nd September 2009. International Centre for Behavioural Business Research, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China.
  • International Conference “Representing Islam- Comparative perspective” 5th – 6 th September 2008. University of Manchester, UK

Professional Membership
  • Social Science Research Network
  • Social Psychology Network