Dr Lee Kim Lian

Senior Lecturer


Subjects Taught
  • IHRM
  • OB
  • OM

Research Interests
  • Management
  • OB

Scholarly Activities
  • Research and teaching

  • An Exploration of Supervisory Satisfaction as a Mediator Variable in Organisational Citizenship Behavior. Asian Social Science, Vol. 12 No.1, January 2016.
  • Lee, K.L., Tui, L.G.,Pahlevan Sharif, Saeed. (2016) Organisational context and citizenship behaviour: Exploring the moderating effects of role ambiguity, Jurnal Pengurusan, Volume 47, September Issue, 2016 (Scopus).
  • Lee Kim Lian, Norbaizura Mohd Naim, (2016). Assessment for learning: students’ perception on peer review in a private university, In TTLC 2015 Conference Proceedings. Singapore: Springer, 978-981.
  • Lee, K.L. and Low, G.T. (2016). Leadership Styles and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: Role Ambiguity as a Mediating Construct, Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 24 (4) Dec. 2016(Scopus).

Awards & Honours
  • Won Best Paper Award
  • Exploring the Mediating Effect of Organisational Citizenship Behavior on the Relationship between Downward Influence and Satisfaction with Supervision. Paper presented at the 17 th Asia Pacific Management Conference on September 30 - October 3, 2015, Korea Aerospace University, Korea

Professional Affiliations
  • AAM – Ordinary member

Supervising 3 PhD students
  • Availability to supervise postgraduate research students