Dr. Manimekalai Jambuligam

Dr. Manimekalai Jambuligam

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D Asia e university, Malaysia
MBA (HRM) University of Wales U.K
B.CS. Bharathidasan University .India
Diploma N.C .C

Research Interests
  • Technology Adoption
  • Social net works (Ecommerce and Mobile commerce)
  • Orgainisational Behaviour
  • Human Resource Management
  • Teaching & Learning

Research Papers Published
  • Jambulingam M., (2011). Touch of A Finger. iPhone In –Learning Environment. Paper presented at the Proceedings of PACLING 2011, #14.
  • Jambulingam M.,. (2011). You Tube Video sites Enhance the Learning Environment. International conference on Teaching & Learning in Higher Education 2011.
  • Murali ,R & Jambulingam M.,. (2012). Adoption on Mobile Technolgoy in Learning Environment Paper presented at the International conference on emerging Trends computer & Technology
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  • Ong, D., & Jambulingam, M. (2016). Reducing employee learning and development costs: the use of massive open online courses (MOOC). Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal, 30(5), 18–21. http://doi.org/10.1108/DLO-08-2015-0066

  • Most cited Award from Taylors University

Research & Consultancy Projects (Grants)
  • Taylors Grant for Social Media commerce (2014)
  • Taylors Grant for Mobile Commerce (2015)
  • Taylors Grant Women Entrepreneurs (2016)

FRGS Grant
  • Co researcher :Enhanced Model for Cyber Security Violation in IoT-Enabled Bright Society