Class of 2013
First Class Honours
Bachelor of Business (Hons) International Business
  • Taylor's World Class Scholarship (TWCS) receipient
"What sets a Taylor's Business graduate apart is the "Taylor's Experience". I had the unique opportunity to speak to industry captains and get a glimpse of the corporate world, through projects and engagements. It's experiences like these that make us talented and employable graduates"
Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting and Finance (2008)
University of Technology, Sydney
  • Winner of Finance Challenge 2008
  • Presently working as an Accountant, Consolidation & Accounting Team, PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk, Jakarta, Indonesia
"The course structure in my programme was very good because it helps students understand the theory and allows room for practice and research. TBS has an excellent study environment. With a class size that is not too big, we often had two-way interactions in class. It wasn't just the lecturer or tutor speaking, but we were also required to discuss and present on certain topics.

On top of that, TBS really prepares you to be work-ready once you graduate. I am now working at one of the biggest tobacco companies in Jakarta, Indonesia."
Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting and Finance (2008)
University of Technology, Sydney
  • UTS University Medal recipient
  • Presently working as Associate, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young
"TBS has a good variety of established and quality programmes that will suit your preference. It is equipped with the best facilities which enhanced my learning experience.

There are numerous opportunities and activities that will help you develop skills that will make you more marketable in the workplace. More importantly is the quality of lecturers and tutors in TBS, which will develop you into competitive and well sought-after graduates in the future."
First Class Honours, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting and Finance (2008)
University of the West of England
  • Class Valedictorian 2008
  • The Star Newspaper Scholarship recipient
  • Recipient of Dean's List Award (Taylor's Business Foundation, June 2004 intake)
  • Recipient of 2 tertiary Book Prize Awards from Ernst & Young
"As far as Business is concerned, I feel that Taylor's Business School offers one of the finest tertiary education options to undergraduate students in Malaysia. My experience at TBS has been awesome; I made lots of great friends, and we are good friends even till now. I also had fun taking part in the many activities and clubs offered at TBS. These have definitely made a huge impact on my resume, helping me chalk up more points at interviews.

I am grateful to my lecturers as they are top-notch quality lecturers that one cannot find anywhere else. The guidance and wisdom imparted from them have benefited me so much and my heartfelt gratitude goes to each and every one of them."
Bachelor of Applied Finance
University of South Australia
  • Dean's List Award (Taylor's Business Foundation, July 2007 intake)
  • Finalist in MoneyTree's Young Entrepreneur Start-up (YES) Challenge
  • Representative of Taylor's at Delta Forum 2008
  • Taylor's World Class Scholarship recipient (Sponsor: General Electric International (GE))
"I chose Taylor's because Taylor's provides degree programmes which will help me develop valuable soft skills along the way. I wanted to polish on my soft skills in order to enhance my personal development and my resume, and I did not wish to attend an exam-oriented programme. My mindset was of one who was aiming to learn, to improve and to develop myself.

Life at TBS is certainly very rewarding and has opened many doors. Taylor's provides a wide range of opportunities for students to learn and gain. Be it from my lecturers, consultations, Career Services' programmes, facilities and so on. UniSA's degree programme, on the other hand provides students with a good learning curve in academic and research. I learnt a lot through assignments and research. Lecturers from UniSA are very helpful and informative when they visit us and deliver block lectures. Even though the lecturers are far from us in terms of distance, they can be reached easily through the internet. More importantly, they reply our emails, keep us informed and keep in touch.

As a student, my top 3 experiences are: Representing Taylor's at the Delta Forum Hong Kong, meeting many great lecturers, staff and friends; and the great exposure and experiences gained in Taylor's clubs and societies."
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) (minoring in Applied Finance)
University of South Australia
  • Sin Chew Education Fund recipient
"I made the choice to study at Taylor's Business School because Taylor's has always had an impressive reputation in producing bright business graduates. Coupled with Taylor's partnership with a quality Australian partner in University of South Australia, it was not a difficult choice to make. The deciding factor was the financial support that was available through various channels, which is highly important for aspiring students with middle to low income backgrounds.

My overall experience here was an enriching one. With many knowledgeable and dedicated local and overseas lecturers to provide guidance, the academic experience here was fulfilling. Ample computer labs and library facilities also played a part in this. Induction activities such as team building outings at the start of the programme also ensured UniSA students were made to feel at home here.

In general, TBS lecturers can be described as knowledgeable and dedicated. It would be difficult to pick winners among the different styles of lecturing.

An additional point which I would like to stress is the importance of a balanced tertiary education in terms of academic and co-curricular activities. Academic achievement may be an important factor in advancing future careers, but underlying lessons learnt from co-curricular involvement are no less important.

I have taken part in various competitions, namely the Inter-college Taekwando Tournament, the Inter-Varsity Accounting Quiz (IVAQ), Deloitte's Tax Challenge, the Business Plan Competition and Finance Challenge.

These competitions were good opportunities to apply a mixture of qualities such as team work and academic knowledge. But, more importantly, the competitive settings provided real world conditions such as deadlines and presenting in front of audiences.

As Vice President of the Taylor's University College CPA Student Charter, I co-lead the Charter and help to build the name of Taylor's. In addition, organising events such as talks and conferences are all part of the experience, providing excellent training in terms of organisation and leadership. All these will make me all the more confident in handling real world conditions when I enter the industry upon graduation.

Indeed, these are the activities that define a student's university life and remain in one's memories for the long term. Having achieved these, I can say that I have few, if any, regrets."
Year 2, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), University of South Australia (UniSA)
  • Taylor's World Class Scholarship recipient (Sponsor: Siemens Malaysia)
"The lecturers here generally meet my expectations. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them an 8. Ms Harpaljit Kaur Pritam Singh, who taught me Business Mathematics in Foundation, is very strict but I always looked forward to her tutorials. It was often challenging as she would give us a set of questions and we would be practising them, and she would give us more questions if we started to talk. This actually made the tutorial more interesting since most of us found it very hard to keep quiet!

Ms Catherine Cheng is another inspiring lecturer. She taught me Introduction to Law in Semester 2. I was initially afraid of this subject as it would require a lot of reading. But Ms Catherine made the subject more interesting through her way of teaching.

Apart from that, we were required to present our tutorial questions in class. Ms Catherine would let us know our mistakes after our presentations, and we learned through our mistakes.

I also admire Ms Yap Yoke Har, my tutor for Accounting Decisions and Accountability (ADA) in Semester 1 and she was my lecturer and tutor for Financial Accounting 1 in Semester 2. She is a good lecturer as she does not just teach the subject matter, but also shares her working experience with us. During our last lecture at the end of the semester, she arranged a mini farewell and arranged for a few students to come up and perform. We were very grateful for her effort to make our study life more interesting."