Taylor’s Centre for Languages is a leader in the field of English Language teaching and learning, offering high quality programmes for students and for those seeking opportunities to speak with eloquence. The programmes are designed to improve communication skills and to pave the way that leads to one’s very own success story.

Some of the reasons that make Taylor’s Centre for Languages consumers’ first choice in language acquisition are the opportunities provided to students to exploit their abilities to the fullest through:

Empowerment: Helmed by a dedicated academic team, students are encouraged to realise their best potential in the language learning experience through the opportunities created in the classroom.

Confidence Building: Presentation skills taught in class aids students in delivering stunning presentations and teaches students how to gather and synthesise information acquired with confidence.

Professional Development: Taylor’s Centre for Languages continuously aims to improve the quality and standard of language teaching and learning, through ongoing feedback, Project-Based Learning, Field Trips, collaborative in-class activities and reflective discussions on global issues.

Collaborative Learning: Students and teachers actively collaborate together through activities across the university such as field trips, presentations and class projects, which encourages them to showcase their language mastery.

Character Building: Taylor’s Centre for Languages encourages students to interact with other students from various schools, external communities and contribute to the less fortunate through activities conducted by the center and the university.

Pastoral Care: Students are not only provided academic assistance, but also emotional support throughout their study here at the Center for Languages.

Buddy System: This collaborative mentorship is provided to all enrolled students at IEN. This system is designed to provide additional academic assistance to students in need at no extra cost. The mentors aiding the students are former Intensive English (IEN) students with high English language proficieny who have successfully progressed to the various undergraduate and post-graduate programmes at Taylor’s.