The following are testimonials from various students of Taylor’s Centre for Languages (TCL)
IEN Advanced

"I come to Malaysia for my master but my English is too poor to study my programme , That is the reason why I chose to study at Taylor’s IEN to improve my English. Taylor’s has a very good English surrounding, I have to speak English everyday just in order to buy food and drinks .After I can use English to buy something, I found my English has already been improved. I will recommend this university to my friends because here we can learn more. At the least, you can speak English very well after you graduate. The teachers who taught me are very responsible and patient. As long as you have question to ask your teacher ,they will teach you until you understand ,they encourage and push you forward during your studying .they give you confidence to study ,they give you courage to speak, like a guide star ,they make a boy to be a man .apparently, here is a paradise to study English ,I proved it by myself ,I just can say hello when my first day to register in the international office ,but I am able to have conversation and write my experience to others now."

"I came to Taylor’s after I graduated from senior high school. Taylor’s has made me love English. I didn’t know learning English can be so fun. Thank you, teachers!"
IEN Upper Intermediate

"Through Taylor's IEN classes, I have built my foundation of English grammar and improved my listening skills. Besides that, Taylor’s also provides a good environment to improve our English. In class, we can only use English to communicate with our friends. It helps us to be more confident using English. I am very happy I made the right choice to study at Taylor's IEN."
IEN Upper Intermediate

"I came to know Taylor’s University when one of my friends who studies at Taylor’s gave a very good review about the standard of education at Taylor’s, since then I have become a part of the Taylor’s family. The group of people I’ve met, including my lecturers and classmates have been very cooperative and I enjoyed studying here. I like the classes here because there are interactions and oral activities in class which allows me to further improve my English. At first, when I came to Malaysia, I had issues communicating with people but now, I am able to speak in English and I am able to speak to other people without relying on a dictionary!"
IEN Intermediate

"I chose Taylor’s because the facilities on campus are good and Taylor’s University is one of the most famous private universities in Malaysia. I believe studying at Taylor’s IEN allows me to practice and improve my English speaking & writing skills and I do feel I am more confident now when using English language because there are many international students from various different countries in my class every semester. So, this allows me to practice English during and after class. Plus, the IEN lecturers carry out many exciting language activities and group work in class to make sure that we have an enjoyable learning experience. For example, we had to interview students around Taylor’s campus for our Reading project. It was an unforgettable experience! Taylor’s IEN programme helps us to prepare for our foundation, diploma or degree programmes through useful study skills. As I am ready to continue my studies in Taylor’s CPU programme soon, I will miss my IEN classmates dearly since we had always been together in class since the first day I joined Taylor’s University. I will definitely recommend Taylor’s University to my friends who are planning to further their studies abroad since it is a good place to continue your studies!"
IEN Intermediate

"I chose to study at Taylor’s IEN because Taylor’s is a well-known university and the teachers are very helpful! IEN has helped me improve my English through activities and class lessons. I enjoyed many activities in class such as the quizzes, field work etc. I think I have gained lots of experience from the classes and I really enjoyed them!"
IEN Lower Intermediate

"I choose to study English in Taylor’s University Center for Languages because I want to improve my English before going to study in the degree programme. My teachers taught me a lot about English, from Grammar, Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. In just a short six weeks, I feel that my English has improved compared to before taking the IEN course."
Lets hear what Ex-IEN students have to say about the IEN programme:
“Usually whenever I talk with someone, I would really feel nervous and this changed when I entered IEN. Whenever I do presentations in IEN, I felt joy and relaxed. I think it’s because my lecturers created a very relaxing mood and I felt more confident to use English. I studied English in my country before coming to IEN and I find that studying English at IEN is more relaxed and stress-free; I look forward to come to class every day! Before entering the degree programme, I was worried because I have no experience speaking to other foreign students and to write in English but after the IEN course my English and confidence has improved. Especially because all of my classmates were international students and the lecturers used English 100% of the time. So, I learned to use English in the most natural way.”
- Seo NuLi, South Korea

“I chose to study at Taylor’s IEN because I was told it’s one of the best English learning institutions in Malaysia. After learning English at IEN, I do feel that my English has extremely improved in comparison to my ability before. One of the class activities I liked most was in Grammar & Writing class where the lecturer did a quick revision on Grammar using the ‘Poison Box’ game. I remember it best because, for every answer we got wrong, we had to perform and that’s where I got to showcase my talent on break dancing. I would definitely recommend IEN to my friends!”
- Temirlan Kusmanov, Kazakhstan