Dr Sanath Sukumaran

Dr Sanath Sukumaran

Senior Lecturer

Bachelor of Computing & IS (Hons) (Stafordshire University, UK)
Master of Information Technology (Charles Sturt University, Australia)
PhD (Information Technology)


Subjects Taught
  • Project Management
  • Software Process
  • Software Design
  • Software Requirement Engineering

Research Interests
  • Knowledge Management Research and Practice

Scholarly Activities / Industry Experience / Industry Collaborations
  • Project Manager / Secured Industry Sponsorship totaling RM 252, 000
  • Program Manager / MSC Client Projects totaling RM70,000
  • Project Manager / Shell IT & Taylor's University Partnership Program
  • Project Manager / Taylor’s & Google Sponsored gDayX 2014
  • Project Manager / Taylor’s & Google Sponsored gDayX 2013
  • Coordinator / MDeC-Appointed University Coordinator for MSC IHL Business Plan Competition
  • Project Consultant for Consoci8 Sdn. Bhd.
  • Knowledge Management Consultant for INCEIF (The Global University of Islamic Finance).
  • Knowledge management implementation and rollout for Exim Bank, Malaysia.
  • Knowledge management implementation and rollout for Astro Supersports.
  • Proposed a knowledge management strategy for Albar & Partners.
  • Proposed a knowledge management strategy for Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Publications / Patents
  • Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings
    • Sukumaran, S, Chandran, K. And Chandran, K. (2013), Knowledge Management Strategy using Activity Theory for a Law Firm, 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations: Social and Big Data Computing for Knowledge Management, Springer Verlag, ISBN: 978-94-007-7286-1 (Print) 978-94-007-7287-8 (Online), pp. 521-531
    • Sukumaran, S., Rahim, A., Chandran, K. (2012), Knowledge Elicitation using Activity Theory for Supervision of Projects, 7th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations: Service and Cloud Computing, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Springer Verlag, Volume 172, 2013, pp 129-139
    • Sukumaran, Uden, L., Chandran, K., 2011, “Requirements Elicitation for Knowledge Management Systems using Activity Theory”, Proceedings of 6th KMO Conference (KMO 2011), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan.
    • Sukumaran, S., Balapumi, R. and Tan W. H. 2010, “A KM Framework for Explicating Tacit Knowledge in Delivery of Content amongst Academicians in Institutions of Higher Learning”, Proceedings of 5th Knowledge Management in Organisation Conference 2010
    • Sukumaran, S., Shetty, M. V 2009, “Knowledge Management in Automobile: Application of a Value Chain (VC)”, Proceedings of 4th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, London, UK (ICITST-2009) Technical Co-sponsored by IEEE.
    • Sukumaran, S., Wee Hoong, T. and Kumar, N. 2008, “Knowledge Map of Just-in-Time Knowledge Management from well-defined Knowledge Processes”, Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium On Information Technology 2008 (ITSIM’08) Co-sponsored by IEEE, University Kebangsaan Malaysia.
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    • Sukumaran, S et. al. 2005, “A Living Framework for E-Knowledge Management”, Proceedings of International Conference on Information & Communication Technology in Management 2005, Multimedia University

  • Book Chapters
    • Sukumaran, S., Ramalingam, H., Lorna, U., Rahim, A., Chandran, K. (2012), A Roadmap for Requirements Elicitation of Knowledge Management Systems: A Delphi Study (Editor: Tse Hou, H) Knowledge Management- New research on KM technology, United Kingdom, InTech Publishers, ISBN 979-953-307-744-3
    • Sukumaran, S., “Boosting a society that’s IT-Literate,Reading, Thinking and Writing, An ESL Context”, Exploration of the Mind by Elaine Morais, Beacon Press Sdn. Bhd., pp 224

  • Peer-Reviewed Journals
    • Shadlou, S, Pong, C. K., Sukumaran, S. 2011, “Proposal Submission System - A Content Management System Approach for Proposal Submission”, International Journal of Web & Semantic Technology (IJWesT) Vol.2, No.2, April 2011

  • Press Articles
    • “Letter of the Day – IT Literacy Not Restricted To Elite Segment of Society”, New Straits Times - Letters, 10 Nov. 1997: Pg. 14. Print.
    • “Boosting A Society That Is IT Literate”, The Star – Speaking Up, 11 Nov. 1997: Pg. 21. Print.
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Guest Lectures Delivered
  • Sukumaran, S. :KM Research & Practice”, Monash University, Sunway, MBA Program, 20th May 2013, Lecture

Awards & Honours
  • 2013 Outstanding Good Teaching Scale from Professor Julianna Reid, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.
  • MSC Malaysian outstanding award for 3 years of contribution to the nation-wide MSC IHL Business Plan Competition from 2010 - 2012.

Professional Affliations
  • Project Management Institute, USA Member - 2013 to Present
  • International Software Testing Qualifications Board, Germany Member - 2013 to Present
  • International Requirements Engineering Board’s (IREB), Germany Member - 2009 to Present
  • Malaysian Software Engineering Interest Group, Malaysia Fellowship - 2007 to Present
  • Knowledge Management Institute, USA Member - 2007 to Present
  • International Association of Software Architects (IASA), USA Member - 2008 to Present
  • IBM Academic Initiative, USA Affiliate - 2005 to Present

  • Certification in Training – Train the Trainer PSMB, Malaysia - May 2014
  • Project Management Professional Project Management Institute, USA License 1613310 - June 2013 to June 2016
  • Certified Software Tester International Software Testing Qualifications Board, Germany - April 2013
  • Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering International Requirements Engineering Board., Germany License MY-CPRE-FL-2009-00029 - December 2009
  • Certified Knowledge Manager Knowledge Management Institute, USA - November 2007