Facilitating Design Thinking
The deliberately-crafted workspaces are conducive and serve as viable platforms for intellectual discourse and knowledge exchange with peers and faculty members.

Carpentry Workshop
The Carpentry Workshop allows students to visualise and translate their ideas from a concept into a solid, presentable form.

Photography Studio
The studio is equipped with a range of lamps, diffusors, reflectors and a variety of backdrop materials.

Design Mac lab
The Design Mac Lab is equipped with the latest industry standard design software and hardware.

Drawing Rooms
The Drawing Rooms are equipped with easels stands and drawing tables and are dedicated spaces for students to learn the use of a variety of media and materials.

Printmaking Room
The Printmaking Room provides hands-on exposure to the printmaking processes using a variety of printing techniques and book binding.

Multimedia Lab
The Multimedia Lab is equipped with powerful machines that allow students to work on 3-dimensional (3D) and animation projects, pushing the boundaries of digital expression.

Centre of Design and Architecture (CODA)
A dedicated space where students are able to conduct art exhibitions and display their work in a public setting while observing the responses of viewers. International artists are also invited to display their artwork in the gallery from time to time.