Jonathan Augustine
Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) (Hons) student

"The School of Education lecturers are knowledgeable and extremely nurturing. Not only do they impart essential knowledge, they instill us with the qualities and characteristics we should have as teachers."
Gloria Ngu
Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) (Hons) student

"The course is very special and inspiring. We have education-related modules that build us as a teacher. But the liberal arts modules build our character so we can become a better person. It has changed my perspective of life tremendously."
Violacea Low
Year 2 Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) (Hons) student

"Being an intern at Seiko Gakuin High School, I never expected to discover so much about teaching that really forces me to think on my feet. My supportive mentor teacher taught me a lot about teaching English as a Foreign Language to students, who practically had no reason to speak English outside of the class. I would recommend you to apply for this internship to challenge what you know about teaching languages and really share your own best practices or skills, to bring a new perspective to your schools."
Lo Wei Hui
Year 2 Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) (Hons) student

"I truly enjoyed being an Assistant Language Teacher in Seiko Gakuin. Together with my fellow batch mate Violacea, we lead a group of students for a project, creating an English version of Seiko Website. This gave me a lot of teaching and learning experience from the school. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend fellow Taylor’s School of Education students to join the Assistant Language Teacher programme, at least once in your lifetime. It will change your perspective towards education in a foreign country (experience that books can’t express) and firm your belief in education."
Priyatharsan S/O Thanabalan
Year 2 pupil, SJK(T) Seaport

"I'm so happy to take part in the English Drama Competition, unexpected victory. I hope to get on the stage again."
Mrs. Vasanthaa D/O Sundram
English Language Teacher, SJK(T) Seaport

"I was on cloud nine especially for my weak pupils. They were able to speak up on the stage confidently. It was an unforgettable Teacher’s Day gift!"