Teaching. It is more than just a job. It is an opportunity to play an important role in shaping young minds. A chance to guide and inspire the next generation and make a difference. As you help transform the future, you'll also build a fulfilling career and transform your own future, too.
In Malaysia, Asia and across the world, International School teachers are highly sought-after.
  • Malaysia is listed as the Top 3 countries with the most International Schools in Southeast Asia
    Source: ISC Research LTD
  • Over the past 25 years, the number of International Schools has increased by 603%
    Source: Independent Education Today
5-Star Training • 5-Star Learning
TWCTP is the first teacher development programme of its kind in Malaysia, aiming to raise the standard of teaching in the country. Eligible students will receive up to 100% tuition fee waiver.
  • Realise Your Potential With Our Expansive Teaching Practicum
    Through this programme, students will be exposed to complexities within the classroom and familiarise themselves with teaching ethos, practice and team work to develop your teaching skills that will help you excel as a teacher.
    • Theory into Practice
      Learn how to create and critique lesson plans and teaching materials. Sharpen your presentation skills and put various theories into practice.
    • Classroom Management
      Observe different types of interactions in classes. Discover ways to establish supportive and nurturing learning environments. Identify how to encourage good behaviour, set boundaries as well as rules and routines.
    • Reflective Practice
      Learn through experience and how to reflect, critically analyse and evaluate the way you teach. So you can combine practice and learning more effectively and refine your style.
  • First priority for job placement
    Students of our Taylor's World-Class Teachers Programme will be trained and mentored at our 5-star teaching institutions and after graduation, each will have first priority for job placement at Taylor's International School (TIS) and be equipped with a degree that's recognised internationally.
Taylor’s School Division
At Taylor's, our strong academic heritage has positioned us at the forefront of Malaysian education for over six decades. Our commitment to educational excellence is prevalent at all our institution and international schools, which have been awarded the 5-star rating by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia for excellence in Quality Standards of Private Education for Schools. Our International Schools are including:

A Great Future in Teaching Begins with Taylor's School of Education (SOED)
Embracing a balanced, holistic and innovative education system, our curriculum combines theory with practice based on established research findings and innovative methodologies. Right from the start, our students are immersed in an enriching learning environment that involves lifelong educational growth and continuous professional development. Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) and reflective practice are at the core of our teaching and learning approach and empower our students to take ownership of their academic, professional and personal progress.
  • Build A Strong Foundation With The 4 Pillars Of SOED
    Each of our pillars plays a fundamental role in guiding you to become a professionally trained teachers and world-class educator. These include:
    • Global and Local Education
      Gain holistic knowledge through our diverse curriculum, which spans from the National Curriculum of England and Wales to Malaysian Primary Schools Standards Curriculum (KSSR).
    • Student-Centred Teacher Training
      Discover how our innovative methods can help you adapt your teaching methods effortlessly to suit to the different learning styles of your future students.
    • Cutting-Edge Educators
      Develop creative and critical thinking skills and learn innovative methods that will enhance the way you teach, and enable you to continuously achieve professional and personal development.
    • Unique School Placements
      Get ahead with a strong foundation in theory and practice with hands-on training in real classroom environments, so you can seamlessly integrate yourself in Taylor's International School (TIS) once you graduate.
The Selection Process of Taylor's World-Class Teachers Programme
In addition to providing academic results, candidates need to develop a portfolio to showcase themselves in three of the following areas:
Learning Dimension:
Academic excellence and passion for learning
Economic Dimension:
Participation in various activities, which depict business acumen and entrepreneurial skills
Social Dimension:
Appreciation for community and positive contributions
Political Dimension:
Confident in voicing opinions and exhibit leadership abilities
Cultural Dimension:
Respect and appreciation for diverse cultures
Technology Dimension:
Creativity to develop and use ICT and technical skills

Candidates are advised to not merely present certificates of attendance but exhibit and illustrate their abilities and achievements. Candidates may wish to include:
  • Video (of up to five minutes) to complement your portfolio
  • Personal statement on why you wish to become a Primary School Teacher in 200-300 words