Student Projects

Racing Car for the Physically Challenged
This project aims to provide an opportunity for physically-challenged individuals to race by overcoming their restrictions.

Water Filtration Treatment Hybrid
A water filtration system that consists of traditional filter media and a modern UV treatment system to treat contaminated water until safe for human consumption.

Improvised Cleaning Instrument for Janitors
This products reduces any health problems such as skin irritation and physical injuries that are common to janitors.

Preventing Tyre Theft
The current tires in cars are locked through universal nuts thus it could be stolen by anyone. The team intends to innovate on a new method to prevent such thefts.

Travel Pillow
Making a more ergonomic and comfortable travel pillow.

Specialised Food Expiry System
Reducing food wastage by introducing an ergonomic and accurate representation of expiry dates.

Preventing Sleepy Motorcyclists
Statistics show that a large percentage of accidents involving motorbikes are caused by riders falling asleep. This project is to find an effective means to prevent riders from falling asleep.

The combination of aquaculture and hydroponics in a sustainable, symbiotic environment. Excretion from fish are broken down by nitrification bacteria, which acts as a fertiliser for plants.