• TCHT offers dual award degree and diploma programmes in collaboration with the University of Toulouse (UOT) and the Academie de Toulouse (ADT) in France respectively.
  • A quality review committee, comprising academics from both institutions, is established for quality assurance and moderation of the standards of the programmes, which includes curriculum and assessments.
  • Upon completion of the diploma or degree programmes at Taylor’s, students will receive certification from both Taylor’s and the partner institution in France.
Académie de Toulouse (ADT), France
  • ADT is a division of the French Ministry of Education.
  • The Académie is ranked as one of the best in France for Hotel and Tourism studies.
  • Diplomas are attested by the French Ministry of Education.
University of Toulouse (UOT), France
  • Established in 1229, UOT is one of the largest universities in France.
  • UOT’s Hospitality and Tourism Management degrees are ranked in top positions by French professionals.
  • It is a highly sought-after degree with more than 600 applicants each year, but only 80 seats available.
  • Degrees are accredited by the French Ministry of National Education.