Diploma in Hospitality Management
"I find studying at Taylor's to be an enjoyable experience. The best parts are the experienced and helpful lecturers and good facilities. I have made many friends here. My favourite course is Front Office practical because I get to role-play with my classmates. The most memorable experience for me thus far is getting the chance to run a restaurant on campus with my classmates as part of the Restaurant practical."
Diploma in Hospitality Management
"I have no regrets studying hospitality management and I look forward to achieving success in the industry. Taylor's is preparing me well for my future career by giving me a good learning environment. I'm able to learn from experienced lecturers and fellow students from many different countries and cultures. I enjoy the projects and presentations I have to do as it strengthens my creativity and communication skills, promotes teamwork and creates opportunity for knowledge sharing."
Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management (Hons)
Specialisation in Culinary Art and F&B Management

"I chose to study at Taylor's because of its reputation in providing the best hospitality and tourism education. I made the right choice. The facilities are good, the lecturers are open-minded and friendly and we get to learn a wide variety of subjects. There are also opportunities to travel for our assignments. For example, my group members and I visited Melaka to conduct research for our F&B project. College life has certainly improved my confidence and increased my competitiveness."
Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management (Hons)
"Studying at Taylor's is challenging because the hospitality course is demanding and lecturers have high expectations. But this motivates me to work hard and give my best. I enjoy my F&B practical classes the most and thanks to the skills I gained in F&B service, I was selected to be a part-time server during the Prime Minister's Dinner with the Media in 2007. I'm proud of the achievement!"
Jakarta, Indonedia
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Hons)

"I chose to study hospitality management because I want a career that's related to service. Hospitality is a wide field of study and the career opportunities are many – not just limited to working in a hotel or restaurant. Leaving home and coming to Taylor's in Malaysia has opened my mind and broadened my perspective on life because I've been able to interact with people from different cultures, undergo valuable industrial training, participate actively in campus activities and travel around the country with friends."
Bachelor of Tourism Management & Engineering (Hons)

Leah Kirigo, an active girl who puts her best in whatever she does, finds her experience at Taylor's a good one since her first day of class. "The first time I met my classmates, they were friendly and it gave me a lasting first impression," she said.

Leah is involved in the International Students Society doing Marketing & Promotions and MCs for student events. Her favourite experience during her studies here so far is being Operations Manager for a domestic tour organised by her class to Kapas Island, Terengganu in August 2007. "I find that the class work is interesting, challenging and I'm able to apply what I've learnt. It is very encouraging," she explained.

Having experienced two years of studying in Malaysia with Taylor's, her advice to those who want to pursue their studies here is: "Know what brings you here and don't lose sight of your goals or aims. Enjoy what you do whether it's studying or leisure because time is short."
Bachelor of Tourism Management & Engineering (Hons)

Cynthia Wanjiru, a friendly and focused student, likes to travel to learn about other cultures, meet new people and study different tourist destinations. Determined to excel in her studies and obtain a quality degree, she chose to study at Taylor's due to its facilities and affordable fees.

"I wanted to study in South Africa but my aunt (who's residing in Malaysia) recommended Taylor's. My father visited Sabah before and found Malaysia to be a nice place so it helped in my decision to pursue my studies here."

So far, she's enjoying the study tours that are a part of her programme. She's visited Penang and Cambodia. Cynthia said the travelling experiences, learning about different cultures and spending time with her classmates have been very rewarding for her.

She has valuable advice for students desiring to pursue their studies overseas: "Decide what course you want to take and be focused. Then work hard. It's up to you to succeed."
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management (Hons)

Le Van Dai Dien came to TCHT with a clear goal to pursue a higher qualification in hotel management. He is passionate about all things related to Food & Beverage.

"Everything about F&B fascinates me – from serving customers to creating cocktails and skirting and setting tables," said Le Van.

Upon graduation, he hopes to join his family in Melbourne, Australia. His mom owns a restaurant in the city that caters Asian-style food for various events, such as wedding banquets and parties.

Although he's had challenges as an international student, Le Van said the experience of living and studying in a different country is worth it. He's gained more knowledge, become more independent and improved his English language skills. "The people here, especially my fellow course mates have been very nice and helpful. They're good friends and I enjoy spending time with them," Le Van said.

He has valuable advice for international students thinking of studying in Malaysia. "If you're serious and passionate about becoming a hotelier in the future, then definitely come here and study at TCHT because it is one of the best hospitality schools in Asia. But if you're unsure about what you want to study and think that working in a hotel is all about fun, glamour and meeting people, don't come here because you'll just be wasting your time and money.