Pushing Boundaries, Pioneering Innovation

Building on our reputation as the leading school in the region, TCHT’s thriving partnerships with international universities provide a strong base for a merger of knowledge and research - as evident in the success of the Taylor’s-Toulouse Centre. In addition, as recipients of the Ministry of Higher Education’s Long Term Research Grant, we continue to play an active role in shaping government policies for sustainable tourism in the long-run.

Tourism, Hospitality & Gastronomy Conference

As the tourism industry contributes immensely towards national growth, fostering its development is essential. Hence to keep abreast of the current trends, TCHT in collaboration with the University of Toulouse organises the Asia-Euro Conference once in every two years. The wide reaching topics covered at the Conference play a role in influencing the School’s curriculum and keeping it relevant to the industry.

Culinology Programme

Seeking to break the boundaries between culinary arts and food science, TCHT developed the first culinology degree outside the United States. In collaboration with the Research Chefs Association of America (RCA), the programme requires graduates to have a grasp on both culinary practices and food science principles. This programme will mould students to become holistic food development specialists who are in high demand in today’s society.

Centre for Research and Innovation in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies (CRiT)

The Centre for Research and Innovation in Tourism, Hospitalityand Food Studies (CRiT) actively facilitates multidisciplinary projects that combine the wide scope of social science with hospitality, tourism and culinary arts.


International Brand Affiliations
Proactive steps are continuously taken to enhance our reputation for quality learning, research and knowledge-transfer on a global front. Through this, we aim to create bigger and better opportunities for international research partnerships and in tandem, increase our ability to secure research funding. This in turn attracts the best minds for learning, research and developing commercial activities, resulting in an enriched body of knowledge for the advancement of the hospitality, tourism and culinary arts industries.

In order to ensure that our faculty members and programmes remain relevant to the global issues and standards of the industry, the School has established professional collaborations with several international organisations.

Our programmes are recognised by the International Centre of Excellence in Tourist and Hospitality Education (ICE), Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Research Chef Association (RCA) and the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education.