Short Term Mobility Programme is a unique opportunity for students to combine an overseas travel and cultural experience, with studies focusing on various aspects of a region or area of study.

Summer Programmes
Outbound Short Term Mobility Programmes

Inbound Global Mobility (Summer Programme)

Ms. Park Hyun-Sin
Country of Origin: Korea Hansung University

"Ms. Norsafizar bt Mohd Noor (Ms. Sophie) inspired me to be someone who stands out. On the first day of her class, she said that “Everyone is “same enough”. Why do you want to be the “same” as everyone else? Strive to become someone special”. I have learnt how to do presentations well and to become a good-natured woman. I’ve also learnt how to get along with others, especially those from a different culture and nationality from myself. If I had not joined this four weeks English language course, I would not have grown as I have now. "
  Inbound Global Mobility (Summer Programme - Taylor’s University Biodiversity and Culture)

Ms. Tiana Jobe
Country of Origin: Queensland University of Technology

“My bags are packed and I’m all ready to head home after an amazing 2 weeks of beautiful Malaysia, the time has gone by way too fast but I am so grateful for all of the experiences. I was blessed to be involved with all the amazing people that I was able to meet here. This is a programme that I would recommend 100% to anyone!“