Taylor’s University Student Exchange Programmes provide students with an opportunity to study and live in a new country to enhance their international experience and develop cross-cultural competencies. We are committed to preparing students for a future in which they will become global citizens.

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Daya Sreeja Raj, exchange student at MMU
Zachary Sean Sia, exchange student at RMIT
Sharon Tan, exchange student at QUT
Lee Soon Onn, exchange student at RMIT
Leon Jan Sein Hwang, exchange student at Kyung Hee University
Mathias Mortensen, exchange student from Zealand Institute of Business & Technology (ZIBAT)
Janina Raiser, Technical University Ingolstadt
Janina Raiser, exchange student from Technical University Ingolstadt
Fiona Bergstrom and Matthew Page, New Colombo Plan Scholars from UQ and QUT
Matthew Page, New Colombo Plan Scholar from QUT
Inbound Global Mobility (Student Exchange Programme)

Mr. Joonas Vainikka
Country of Origin: Finland (Haaga Helia) Programme: International Hospitality Management

"The Malaysian Homestay Programme was a really nice cultural experience.

Upon my return to Finland, I realized that the Programme helped me get a better perspective of what I learnt. Using English as a major communication language in daily life has been challenging, otherwise it has been a fabulous life experience. I am glad to explore different cultures and make new friends with different nationalities. "
Outbound Global Mobility (Student Exchange Programme)

Mr. David Nakamurah
Country of Origin: Indonesia Exchange Destination: Tempere University of Applied Sciences, Finland

"Finnish appreciate the time in their daily life. They are very particular in punctuality and have a very good practise in the time management for every occasion.  

This exchange programme absolutely enriched my education journey. It gave me incredible exposure to study in a different environment and different lifestyle. Nevertheless, I also got the chance to travel around Europe and that makes me realise the tourism/ travel industry is having a huge demand. "
Outbound Global Mobility (Student Exchange Programme)

Ms. Bernadeth Petriana
Country of Origin: Indonesia Exchange Destination: Tempere University of Applied Sciences, Finland

"By participating in the Programme I now have a different view of things. I am more open-minded and have learnt to respect different cultures. I have a better understanding about their lifestyle and how differently they do things in Asia. By the way, my industry network and contacts have increased through the friends I made from different countries. I never imagined I would take on a Programme such as this."

  Inbound Global Mobility (Student Exchange Programme)

Ms. Evelien Anna JansonEvelien Anna Janson
Country of Origin: Netherlands (Saxion University of Applied Sciences)
Programme: International Tourism Management - Travel and Recreation Management

"From the moment I came into contact with Taylor's University, they had helped me a lot. During the registration phase which was only via e-mail, I was greatly helped in addressing all of my questions. If there were any issues I had post-arrival, I knew where and who to go to get it resolved. In addition, the Taylor’s Exchange Soiré (TES) organized for all exchange students had made me feel very welcomed. I think many universities can take an example of this. Taylor's University has given me the opportunity to learn the culture and the country. For me this was a very pleasant experience !"

  Inbound Global Mobility (Student Exchange Programme)

Mr. Francesco Gianola
Country of Origin: Italy (Libera Università di Bolzano - Freie Universität Bozen)
Programme: International Business

"Extravagant food, different cultures, unknown habits, tropical nature, dazzling cities… I try to treasure this journey as much as I could with new friends from all over the world at Taylor’s University. They made me forget that I was so far from home and besides the life at the modern campus. I had the opportunity to visit a lot together with them. It will be impossible to forget this experience la."

  Inbound Global Mobility (Student Exchange Programme)

Mr. Jordy Broekmeulen
Country of Origin: Netherlands (Fontys Academy)
Programme: Mass Communication (Public Relations and Event Management)

"Looking back at my time in Malaysia, it was AMAZING. I didn't have any expectations of my exchange semester here; I decided that I would find out when I got there. The people around me here at the university were always so helpful and willing to show me around, answer my questions and made sure I had a good experience. That's what it's all about, the experience. And it was great!"