Brenda Chan
(Class of 2015)
Graduated Top of Class with First - Class Honours
University of Reading, UK

"Students at Taylor's Law School get more than just a legal education. The industry-standard curriculum, student networking and real-world experiences all played a part in enhancing my appreciation for the law."
Debora Dawson
(Class of 2015)
Graduated with First- Class Honours
Cardiff University, UK

"Taylor's Law School provides a lot of opportunities for hands-on learning. The mooting and Legal Aid Centre definitely gave us an insight into the practical aspects of the legal profession."
Stella Chai
(Class of 2015)
Graduated with First- Class Honours
University of Reading, UK

"The low lecturer-student ratio at Taylor's Law School means students benefir from ample attention and consultations. The School also created platforms that allow us to gain exposure and develop problem-solving skills, critical for the tough legal world."
Qi Wen Tang

"First and foremost, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever in joining the University of Reading twinning programme. My coursemates and I felt like University of Reading students since day one even though our first two years were spent back here at Taylor's.

We even had several lectures conducted by senior lecturers from the University itself and this made me feel very much 'at home'. Such an arrangement instilled in me a sense of belonging and confidence in that we are experiencing what a student in Reading is experiencing.

Besides, the dedication and passion to see Taylor's students succeeding is ever so evident amongst the learned Law School staff. This inspires. They are ever so approachable and ever willing to go the extra mile even for one student. To quote one of my lecturers, "You people must take pride in what you do." And since then, I have adopted that philosophy myself.

The overall-structure of the law programme at Taylor's is well-organised and systematically operated. Back here, Taylor's University strives to promote independent autonomous learning and organises various activities as well as events (for example, Law Debate Competitions, Mooting Competitions, Human Rights Awareness Campaigns) to better equip students so as to have that competitive edge, vital in today's working world. For the above said reasons, I am proud to say that I'm a product of Taylor’s University."
Kimberly Lee Swee Ying

"It was not without the slightest sense of trepidation that I embarked upon the LLB twinning programme at Taylor’s University with the University of Reading. After all, it was (at the time) a newly introduced programme, and I knew little about Reading University, save that it was one of the top universities for law in the United Kingdom.

Little did I know that entering this twinning programme would be one of the best decisions I ever made, both for the furtherance of my future career, as well as for life.

I received quality education at Taylor’s University in my first year as a law undergraduate, gaining a solid grounding in the foundations of law from my lecturers there in Criminal Law, Contract Law, Tort Law and the General Principles of Law. I opted to undergo my penultimate year of law at the University of Reading, and found myself at the heart of a gorgeously green campus in early September of 2005.

From the very onset, we were given top-notch student support by our lecturers at the School of Law who understood our unique position as international students. Throughout the year, we learnt to adapt to the UK teaching method with its early morning lecture sessions held at the Palmer Building in our first term, and the efficient tutorials held in second term to test the students’ knowledge.

Having graduated after 2 years at Reading University, I can say with all honesty that I have no regrets about deciding to join this twinning programme."