A GREAT Opportunity - Erasmus+ Funding Supports Taylor's Students to Study in Manchester

A group of hospitality students from Taylor's University are being supported by the EU through the Erasmus+ scheme to study at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

Being able to study in the UK is the dream of many Malaysian students and their parents. Taylor's University works with a number of UK universities, and thanks to our links with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) a group of eight students in the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management will be heading to the UK for semester. What's more, five of them are being financed under the Erasmus+ scheme - which means the European Union (EU) funds will not only be able to cover their flight costs but also contributing to their monthly living expenses while they are in the UK. These students will benefit from a travel grant of up to €1,100, plus a monthly stipend of €850 per month – which is a total value of approximately RM27,000 per student. The students will be heading to the UK in September to study hospitality within the Hollings Faculty at MMU in Manchester.

The Dean of the School of Hospitality Tourism and Culinary Arts (HCTA/TCHT), Mr. Neethia Ari Ragavan, commented that, "we are committed to giving our students the opportunity to travel and study overseas within their degree programme. The School offers a range of overseas experiences from semester exchange, to 'summer schools' in countries such as France and Australia and to shorter study trips to countries such as Italy, Vietnam and Taiwan".

Not only are the students being funded to go to the UK, but so are two lecturers from Taylor's University. Jayvien Lau, Head of Global Mobility, said "We are not only very pleased to have obtained EU funding for these students, but we are look forward to welcoming the British exchange students who will be coming to study with us at the Lakeside campus" adding that "we are now working with other universities within the EU for additional Erasmus+ funding so that we can expand the range of European study opportunities for our students".

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