Celebrating Asia’s Rise in the QS Subject Rankings at APacCHRIE’s Annual Hospitality Educators Conference in Indonesia

This year’s annual ApacCHRIE conference saw delegates celebrating AsiaPacific institutions doing so well in the recently released QS subject rankings for hospitality and tourism, with Taylor’s University now being ranked in the World’s Top 30.

(L-R) Dr Amy So (President of ApacCHRIE/Univ of Macao) with Prof Perry Hobson (PVC-GE, TU), Huong Dang (KOTO), Prof Brian King (HKPolyU)
The APacCHRIE 2017 hospitality and tourism educators’ association conference was recently held in Bali (Indonesia). The conference was hosted by the STP-Bali International Hotel School. Invited keynote speakers included Professor Theodore Benetatos, the CEO & Academic Dean at the International Management Institute (IMI) hotel school in Luzern (Switzerland), and also Professor Kaye Chon, Dean of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SAR-China). In his opening presentation, Prof Chon pointed out that 2017 had already turned out to be a “watershed year given the release of the first ever QS World Subject Rankings for Hospitality and Leisure”.  These rankings showed that eighteen of the Top 50 programmes in the world were now in the area covered by Asia-PacificCHRIE.  Prof Hobson, the PVC for Global Engagement at Taylor’s University(and a Past-President of ApacCHRIE) pointed out,  “This is not only something for the region to celebrate, but it’s also something of a coming of age recognition Taylor’s University’s – given that we have been ranked #1 in Malaysia and #29 in the world for hospitality and tourism” adding that “this places us ahead of more-established universities such as Oxford Brookes University (UK), Chinese University of Hong Kong (SAR-China), Washington State University (USA) and La Trobe University (Australia)”. Prof Perry Hobson, was also invited to be the Chair of the Education Panel session. His three invited panelists included Ms Huong Dang from KOTO (which is a social enterprise hotel school for disadvantaged students in Vietnam that offers VET training programmes), Ms Prita Kemal Gani the Director and Founder of the London School of Public Relations (an institution that focus on offering degrees relating to communications in Jakarta, Indonesia), and also Professor Brian King from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (where he heads up their postgraduate programmes). The focus of the panel was on the current challenges and trends being faced in the region at each level of education – vocational training, undergraduate and also postgraduate. Dr Amy So (President of ApacCHRIE) once again thanked Taylor’s University for being a sponsor of this year’s conference, and for being such a strong supporter of APacCHRIE over the years. To find out more about the Faculty of Hospitality, Food and Leisure at Taylor’s University click here - (Global Matters 2017)