"Creating the Global Classroom”: Erasmus Funded Lecturer from ZIBAT in Denmark Spends Time Teaching at Taylor’s University

Exchange isn’t just for students, and a lecturer from Denmark was funded by the EU to spend 2-weeks teaching students at the Lakeside campus. During her stay, she also had the opportunity to meet up with the EU Ambassador and to share experiences.


(L-R) Dr Lone Buhl (ZIBAT) with HE Maria Castillo Fernandez (EU Ambassador) at the Lakeside Campus

Dr Lone Buhl is normally a lecturer at the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) in Denmark.  There are only 8-universities in Denmark. However, what the Danish education system has developed are a number of other highly-focused and well-reputed business academies, university colleges, and institutes(such as ZIBAT) that offer a range of technical and applied degrees.  Thanks to the European Union’s (EU) Erasmus scheme, Dr Lone Buhl was able to spend 2-weeks with the School of Biosciences at TU.   In return lecturers from both the Taylor’s Business School and the School of Hospitality and Leisure Management will be heading over to Denmark to spend time at ZIBAT.

Dr Lone Buhl said, “This was an eye-opening experience for me. The approach taken at Taylor’s University is quite different from what our students are used to in Denmark. Students there are much more self-directed, and the learning is done in a more participatory approach”.  Dr Adeline Chia, from the School of Biosciences, observed, “Our lab based learning is very hands-on, and it was beneficial to have her here as it allowed us to trial new ways for students to translate their theoretical knowledge into practical examples”. 

The Head of the School of Biosciences, Dr Phelim Yong, added, “it will be a tremendous experience for both our staff and students to spend time overseas. We live in a global community, and we are looking to build a global classroom environment drawing on different teaching style and techniques”.  Ms Jayvien Lau, Head of Global Exchange said “We normally focus on students going on exchange, and so it’s also great to have staff involved in going on exchange too. We have already had staff go to the UK, and next year we will be able to send more of our academic staff on exchange to Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in the UK, and also to ZIBAT in Denmark. I should add that is all thanks to the EU’s Erasmus+ funding. These opportunities are priceless for us, as our staff bring back a wealth of new ideas, techniques, learning pedagogy and more diverse views on education.

Taylor’s University has already hosted 3 exchange students from ZIBAT, and TU will be sending 5 fully-funded Erasmus+ students from the School of Hospitality and Leisure Management to ZIBAT in 2018.  During her stay at the Taylor’s Lakeside campus, Dr Buhl also had the opportunity to meet up face-to-face with HE Maria Castill Fernandez, the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Malaysia.  The Ambassador had been an exchange student herself back in the 1980’s, and was speaking at Taylor’s University as part of the university’s SHINE Distinguished Lecture Series - (Global Matters 2017)