European Union-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce to Host Career Fair at Taylor’s University

European Union-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce to Host Career Fair at Taylor’s University
Interested in working for an internationally minded company in Malaysia? One with global opportunities? If so, then the EU-Talent Roadshow may the day you have been waiting for.

Prof Perry Hobson (PVC – Global Engagement) and Sandy Tan (Career Services) meeting with the EUMCCI pre-Events Team at the Taylor’s Lakeside Campus

The European Union-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI) will be holding a ‘Career Fair’ at Taylor’s University. Established to promote, support and develop the business interests of the European Union (EU) member countries, these countries invest heavily in Malaysia. Currently, out of the top seven Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) source countries in Malaysia - three are from the EU. This means there are literally hundreds of European companies operating in Malaysia, and they are looking for talent young people. Taylor’s University will be hosting the EUMCCI ‘Career Fair’ on April 17th at the Taylor’s University Lakeside campus as part of its EU-Talent Roadshow.

This event will only be held at three universities – the University Science Malaysia (USM) in Penang, the University of Malaya in KL and then at Taylor’s University Lakeside campus. This event will bring onto campus a range of global based companies who operate in Malaysia, but who have their home base in European countries such as Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Denmark amongst others. Ms Sandy Tan, the Head of Career Services at TU said, “This event will be a great opportunity for Taylor’s students to meet with a number of globally minded European companies. They have operations right here in Malaysia and they are looking for candidates to fill roles as engineers, accountants, sales and marketing, scientists, software engineers, designers amongst others” also pointing out that, “by working for such companies, who knows what global career opportunities may present themselves in the future”.

The partners for this event also include Business France, The Italian Malaysian Business Association, the Malaysian-Finnish Business Council and the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce amongst others. The EUMCCI also offers an International Internship Programme (IIP) which provides Malaysian students with an international platform to carry out their internship programme with an EU-MCCI member company.  The main aim of this programme is to open up employment opportunities for Malaysian graduates, as well as to help international companies operating in Malaysia to identify and recruit talented employees. Once you start working for a EU-MMCI company, then you can also become a member of the Malaysia Young Professional Europeans (MYPE) which organises events and workshops. The EUMCCI is supported and partly funded by the EU. - (Global Matters 2018)