Meaningful World Food Day Celebration

In conjunction with the 2017 World Food Day, a group of 50 Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management students from School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies partnered with Food Aid Foundation, World Chefs without Boarders, Kellogg’s, Tabika Kemas and Mysafe Food to organise a meaningful Community Service Project at the Lakeside Campus.
Over 100 children from Tabika KEMAS aged 5-6 years old were invited for a half day of fun-filled and educational activities at the campus. The event started with an early morning breakfast picnic of Kellogg’s cereal at the University Square followed by a cooking class to make ‘frog’ burgers (chicken burgers made to look like frogs). The children then learned the food wheel where they were taught about the importance of eating right and healthy.
Highlight of the day was a talk by Masterchef Malaysia, Season 1, Chef Brian Chen, who shared about “how to be healthy and happy” with the kids in a fun and engaging session.
At the end of the programme, the children were served with lunch of delicious spagetti bolognese and chicken parmesan prepared by Taylor’s students and chef lecturers. The students also prepared 300 packed lunch which were distributed to several homes around the Klang Valley.

The event was a huge success and all participants, the young kids, went home happy with a full stomach and knowledge of how to eat healthy!

Getting cereal for breakfast

Queueing for their milk

The children from Tabika KEMAS who participated in the half day event

Frog Burger

Cooking class with Chef Brian Chen

Learning the Food Wheel

Taylor’s students serving lunch to the kids

Taylor’s students and chef lecturer in the kitchen preparing delicious and healthy spagetti bolognese and chicken parmesan