Real Estate Planning And The New Order

Date: 23 Oct (Tues)
Time: 10am – 12pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre 21

Thousands of people migrate to cities across Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa on a daily basis. Cities will swell – and some entirely new ones will spring up. Meanwhile, the growing emerging markets' middle class and ageing global population are increasing demand for specific types of real estate and technological disruption is transforming the way we live and socialise. As we are building more real estate we need to pause and think on three levels: The key trends and innovations in real estate impacting our cities, the main planning principles making a great place, and the impact of real estate on people's lives and community values, and The Happy City Theory.

About The Speaker: 

​Hussam Raouf, Managing Director
Mont Hill Consultancy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A futuristic thinker, entrepreneur and senior executive with substantial experience of real estate from large scale master-planned projects, city planning and economics to shopping mall design, development and entertainment, Hussam Raouf, a Harvard graduate, has over 20 years of development and planning experience in Europe and the Middle East.