Social Learning Pod is Now a Reality in this Campus

It is a great honour to announce the opening of our very first Social Learning Pod: e-Quarium. This is another development by the e-Learning Academy (eLA) @ Intellect to maintain our campus standing as a leading and innovative university in Malaysia in the area of transformational teaching and learning.

e-Quarium is an enclosed yet visible learning pod built to encourage collaborative and social learning activities amongst students, equipped with a variety design of technologies to support different learning styles. e-Quarium is also known as a Learning café because students can now purchase and consume their drinks at the nearby beverage stall while learning. The design concept of this space is influenced by the look and feel of the many popular cafes which young people love to hangout.

e-Quarium provides an innovative and inviting learning environment for students while encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration. This facility is crucial for our students to self-study, collaborate, relax and socialize. We believe that facilities like e-Quarium will promote social learning as a key drive to students’ success.

What does e-Quarium do?
e-Quarium is designed with the following social learning styles in mind:

1. Individual Learning Area
Students who prefer to study on their own can use this seating area. Plenty charging stations are available there.

2. Active Learning Hub
Students who prefer a larger group discussion with media support and digital driven collaboration.

3. Chill-Out Zone
Students who prefer a comfortable seating area while engaging in an academic discussion or reading a good book.

4. P2P Learning Pod
This is a peer-assisted discussion room where students guide their peers who need help in their studies.

5. e-Stage
This is a learning area which provides students with a small enclosed space to engage in small scale audio and video recording to enable them to review and improve on their presentation skills and styles.

 View the video tour of e-Quarium here.