Taylor's Career & Internship Fair

Date: 31 Oct 2018 (Wednesday)
Time: 10am - 5pm 
Venue: The Grand Hall 

Taylor's is playing host to more than 70 renowned industry partners for the annual Taylor's Career & Internship Fair (TCIF). TCIF is organised to assist all Taylorians in securing networking, internship and employment opportunities. Take charge and seize this opportunity as TCIF would be the best platform to secure internship, first graduate employment, explore future careers, areas of interest and interact with graduate recruiters from various top companies.

For more info, visit: http://www.careerfair.com.my/taylors 


9:15am – 10am - Opening Ceremony @ Unisquare
10am – 5pm - Career & Internship Fair @ The Grand Hall

Why Unicorn? :-)

• In the business world, a Unicorn is a startup company valued at $1billion or more.

• Current Unicorns include Airbnb, Uber, Grab, Garena, Lazada, Traveloka, Reddit and Pinterest. Former Unicorns include Facebook, Whatsapp, Alibaba, Spotify, Twitter, Groupon, Skype, GoPro, and LinkedIn.

• A Unicorn represents successful ventures, big dreams, endless possibilities, hopes and aspirations.

• In popular culture, a Unicorn is depicted as a rare magical creature. 

• Find your Unicorn at The Grand Hall on Wednesday, 31st Oct from 10am to 5pm.