Taylor's University Awarded 5-Star (Excellent) In Setara 2017

Taylor's University has been awarded the 5 -Star (Excellent) rating by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia in the 2017 Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education (SETARA).
A total of 105 universities and university colleges took part in the 2017 SETARA exercise, from which 26 were categorised as Mature Universities (16 years or older), 49 were recognised as Emerging Universities (15 years or less). The exercise was also participated in by 30 University Colleges from across the country. Taylor’s were included in the Emerging University category.
This latest accomplishment solidifies the University’s reputation nationally, and it comes after it being listed as the number 150th university in Asia according to the 2018 QS Asian University Ranking. Taylor’s has also been recognised as being in the top 1% universities in the whole of Asia.
For the 2017 SETARA exercise, each category – Mature University, Emerging University and University College, had a different weightage for the four areas measured which are General, Teaching & Learning, Research and Services, to allow for self-development.
Taylor’s University received a ‘Tier 5: Excellent’ rating in all three previous SETARA exercises conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education.