Taylor’s University Explores Exchange Partnerships in the Republic of Ireland

As the momentum of outbound student exchange continues to build at Taylor’s University, we continue to identifying potential new exchange options.

Prof Perry (PVC-GE) visiting UCD, CIT, DCU and DIT in Ireland
While Taylor’s University already has close to 200 student exchange partners in some 30-countries, there are a still a considerable number of countries where we have not yet identified partners that deliver their courses in English. As Professor Perry Hobson the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement at Taylor’s University explained, “we still have a number of empty spots on our world map – particularly in Europe – and we identified that we had absolutely no partners in Ireland. Given that this is an English-speaking country, this was an oversight we needed to address”.
After hosting the “EU Climate Change Diplomacy Day” at Taylor’s University, Prof Hobson met up with the Irish Ambassador, H.E. Eamon Hickey. Through his contacts with “Education in Ireland”, Prof Hobson was able to organise a visit to several Irish institutions. As Prof Hobson commented, “we have had some contact with Irish universities over the years, but nothing solid has come of it. Sadly, in Malaysia most people think of ‘medicine’ whenever they think of Ireland in the context of education”.
But as the Ambassador noted, “Although we have a well-deserved reputation in that areathere is a lot more to Irish education that medicine”. The trip saw him visit a wide range of Irish institutions such University College Cork (UCC), Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and also to Dublin City University (DCU).
His arrangements were co-ordinated by Terry McParland at ‘Education in Ireland’, who had been based for many years in Malaysia (as the ASEAN Director of ‘Enterprise Ireland’). Reflecting on his first visit to the Republic of Ireland, Prof Hobson said “it was a bit of a lightning-fast trip to visit so many institutions, but it has kick-started a number of conversations, and we’re looking forward to a follow-up visit from UCD to TU, and in the area of hospitality and culinary arts from DIT too”.
The Irish Ambassador has since made a follow-up courtesy visit to Taylor’s University, as he is particularly keen to see more Irish students studying on exchange in Malaysia. As he noted, “Having never been to Taylor’s before, I was impressed by its modern campus, and I know that our students would have much to gain from studying here - just as over the years Malaysians have benefitted from their time in Ireland”. For more information on Global Mobility at Taylor’s University Click here - (Global Matters 2017)