Emeritus Professor Dr P.T. Thomas

Executive Dean, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences

Bachelor of Pharmacy, MS(Pharmacology), PhD(Pharmacology)

Subjects Taught
  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Toxicology

Research Interests
  • Quality use of medicines
  • Cost of medicines
  • Use of medicines by/in the elderly

Scholarly Activities / Industry Experience
  • Appointed as member of the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia by the Minister of Health Malaysia from 1st July 2016 till 30th June 2019.
  • Member of US-based Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, International Services Program Advisory Group since July 2014. First and only Malaysian.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University (2011 – 2014, 2015 – 2018)
  • Appointed by Director-General of Health Malaysia as Chairman of the Joint Technical Committee for Accreditation of Pharmacies, Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (1 April 2016 – 31 March 2019).
  • Visiting Professor at Mahidol University, Thailand from June to September 2013.
  • Promoter for the pioneering E-Farmasi Project, funded under the Demonstrator Application Grant Scheme (DAGS) of the National Information Technology Council
  • Lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from 1996 till 2013
  • Pharmacist at Ministry of Health from 1977 till 1996
  • From 2012 onwards
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  • Books
  • Community Pharmacy Practice in Malaysia. 2016. Chua Siew Siang, Mary Lee Hong Gee, Hoe See Leei, Thomas Paraidathathu. Publisher: University of Malaya Press.
  • Training Manual for Pharmacists for Management of Obesity and Overweight. 2012 P.T. Thomas, Asrul Akmal Shafie, Chua Siew Siang, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hassali, Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed, Hasniza Zaman Huri, Lim Chin Choon, Chua Gin Nie & Yip Sook Ying. Publisher: Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society and Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy practice. Guide to Compounding and Dispensing. 2011. Shariza Sahudin, Rudy Rabi, Ng Shiow Fern, Thomas Paraidathathu. Publisher: Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Guest Lectures Delivered
  • Plenary Speaker, “Improving Treatment Outcomes Through an Interprofessional Approach” International Conference on Pharmacy Practice, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2017.
  • Plenary Speaker, “Benefits of a National Medicine Policy” INNOVATE- 16, Hyderabad, India, 2016.
  • Plenary Speaker “Global Trends in Pharmacy Education” Pharma- Transpire, Kurnool, India, 2016.
  • Plenary Speaker “Is a National Medicines Policy Useful?” ASEAN Pharmnet I Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 2015.
  • Invited Speaker “Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice in a Resource- limited Environment” FIP, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2015.
  • Plenary Speaker “Pharmacy Education and Pharmacy Practice in Malaysia.” 1st Int. Pharmacy Practice Conference, Mahasarakham University, Thailand, 2014.
  • Invited Speaker “Implementation of the WHO Patient Safety Module in a Pharmacy Curriculum”, FIP, Dublin, Ireland, 2013
  • Plenary Speaker “Evolution of Pharmacy Education”, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Pharmacy Scientific Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2012
  • Invited Speaker “Quality Control of Pharmacy Degrees”, WHO-FAPA Symposium, Yogjakarta, Indonesia, 2011.
  • Invited Speaker “A QA system for pharmacy training in Malaysia”, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2011.

Awards & Honours
  • Conferred the title of Emeritus Professor by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in November 2016.
  • Teaching Excellence Award 2010, Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM.
  • Recipient of a Fellowship from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1987 “To study the production, evaluation and safety of Traditional Medicines in Japan”.
  • Awarded honorable mention for meritorious research by the Mechanisms Subsection, Society of Toxicology, USA, 1992.
  • Recipient of “University of Texas, Graduate Fellowship”1990/1991 session.
  • Recipient of the “Pat and Jack Maguire” Scholarship from the Ex- Students’ Association, University of Texas for the 1990/1991 session.
  • Inducted into the Pharmacy Honor Society “Rho Chi” in 1983.

Professional Affiliations
  • Registered pharmacist with Malaysian Pharmacy Board
  • Life member Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society
  • Founding member Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy
  • Life member Malaysian chapter of ISPOR