Why should I join?
You will get to sharpen your soft skills through the activities you join, which will help you develop your potential and become a holistic individual.
When and how to join?
The best time to join SHINE would be in your first year as you will have more time to do the activities. However, application is open any time of the year. But the sooner you join, the better it becomes as you would have more time to complete the activities. To start the SHINE journey, you would need to register on the SHINE portal for your account to be activated. Then, complete the TSAT online, attend the 3-day-2-night SHINE Discovery session and you are good to go! 
How long do I have to complete the SHINE programme?
In order to achieve the SHINE Award, you may continue with your SHINE programme as long as you are a Taylor’s undergraduate student. For example, if you are a foundation or diploma student, you may carry forward your points when you continue with your degree programme here at Taylor’s University. 
What happens if I can’t complete the Award?
If you are unable to accrue sufficient points to qualify for any of the Awards, you will still get a 2nd Transcript that will document all your extra-curricular involvement.
The SHINE Award Centre
Address: Block C , Level 2 
Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus
Phone: 03 5629 5309