Application Process
The University Placement Office of Taylor’s ADP has assisted more than 4,500 ADP students find places at American, Canadian and Australian universities. 15-years’ experience allows us to guide ADP students through the process of finding their university of choice. We recommend that students proceed as follows:

12 – 15 months before U.S. study
  • Research various colleges and universities programs
  • Register and prepare for required entrance exams

10 – 12 months before U.S. study
  • Choose the schools to which you would like apply
  • Obtain all necessary information and forms for each school
  • Take required entrance exams

8 – 10 months before U.S. study
  • Identify your references and supply them with required reference forms, if required.
  • Request transcripts from your school(s)
  • Write your application essay (also known as a “personal statement”)
  • Retake entrance exams if scores were unsatisfactory

6 – 9 months before U.S. study
  • Complete Admission Application
  • Complete Housing Application
  • Mail all documents
*Note: Some universities require students to apply at least a year prior to admission.

3 months before U.S. study
  • Apply for your student visa
  • Make travel arrangements for when you arrive in the U.S.

1 – 3 months before U.S. study
  • Submit university acceptance letter and transfer evaluation to the Taylor’s ADP’s University Placement Center
  • Submit graduation and clearance forms to Programs Office