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American Degree Transfer Program (Computer Science)
Computer science is an interdisciplinary field of study – the design, testing, updating and maintaining of new computer application software and systems as well as creating innovative programs for problem- solving. A computer science degree emphasizes the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing, while teaching students to keep abreast of the ever changing technological advances in society. Here are the common majors students pursue in the study of computer science and their descriptions.

Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence is a science that focuses on the design elements that enable computers to “think.” A complex division of computer science, artificial intelligence projects endeavor to render machines capable of multitasking and relying on human-like senses.

Computer Graphics
  • A computer graphics degree gives students the knowledge they need to create computer images for various visual mediums. It also provides students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to work with state-of-the-art technology to create computerized graphic images.

Computer Gaming
  • A degree in computer gaming focuses on the construction and design of interactive computer games. It focuses on the technical, narrative and artistic underpinning of designing these games.

Computer Network
  • Computer networks teach the networking skills required to design, install, configure and maintain enterprise-wide networks. Additionally, a combination of management and general education courses will teach you to hone and apply skills in general management, critical thinking, logic, communications and problem-solving in order to successfully manage the challenges faced in today’s technical environment.

Software Development
  • Software development includes research, development modification, re-engineering, or other activities that result in software products. These products are absolutely vital in a variety of fields including marketing, engineering, research and development and general management.