Taylor’s ADP provides a seamless transition for high-school leavers who may find it a challenge to adjust to the American system of education.

The American education system allows students to gain knowledge, which goes beyond their field of study. Students are exposed to a broad range of academic subjects outside of their core discipline. For example, engineering students take courses in the social sciences and humanities while business students take courses in the sciences. This develops well-rounded graduates who are able to collaborate effectively with professionals outside their own fields of expertise.

Dedicated Support and Guidance
Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor, who is expert in their field to advise and guide students on coursework selection, career choices, and industry updates in accordance to the student’s major and academic performance.

There are also Guidance Counselors who are all US graduates that are available for consultation on placement (university applications), career options, and professional examinations/licensure (e.g. Registered Dietician, Society of Actuaries, Certified Financial Analyst, etc).

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)
PASS was introduced to assist students who require additional help from their senior coursemates. PASS student leaders, who have been handpicked and supervised by their lecturers, are required to plan the content outline and delivery mode prior to the session and discuss it with the lecturers concerned.