ADP students are required to actively participate in hands-on project work and course assessments, get involved in extra-curricular activities, as well as engage with their lecturers and classmates in the classroom.

Most of the courses in the ADP challenge students to apply their classroom learning and research into practice, through various projects and activities inside and outside of the classroom.

Clubs and Societies
Students have the option of forming their own clubs or societies, as evident in the many clubs and societies that have been initiated by ADP students over the years.

The activities our students have involved in include organizing inter-school competitions, knowledge-building workshops, team-based games and many others. Many of our students have also made a positive impact in the community by initiating and engaging several charitable and social initiatives.

Through participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, ADP students are able to hone their leadership skills, communication and social skills, teamwork, and time management abilities, among others. These core capabilities go a long way in creating well-rounded, globally conscious citizens of the future.
  • Actuarial Science Society
  • ADP Basketball Club
  • ADP Crimson
  • ADP Engineering Society
  • ADP Event Management Society (A-EMS)
  • ADP Futsal Club
  • ADP Student Union
  • ADP Wolves
  • Arirang Korean Club
  • Business Entrepreneurship Society of ADP (Be_ADP)
  • Econo-Mania
  • Our Malaysia Group (OMG)
  • Taylor’s Cinematic Initiative (TCI)
  • The Grapevine