Dedicated University Placement Support
One of the key success factors of ADP is the strong support and guidance provided by the University Placement Center, which enable students to apply and secure places at their university of choice.

ADP University Placement Center provides:
  • Conducts briefings
  • Counseling sessions
  • Arranging visits of American and Canadian university representatives to inform and educate students on the application process and requirements

Students obtain:
  • Step-by-step counseling advice
  • Guidance from the Center
  • Reference materials and resources needed for their university application process.

University Resource Center
We have an extensive resource center packed with information on hundreds of universities in America where students can find out about majors offered, facilities, rankings and course fees, among others. Our dedicated placement counselors will assist students in applying for transfer to overseas universities. More than that, briefings and counseling are organized regularly to furnish information on the criteria and requirements of the respective universities.

University Representative Visits
Every semester Taylor’s ADP will also arrange for representatives from the universities to come and meet the students. Students should take this opportunity to talk and find out all the need from the university that they are interested in transferring to.
Students Transferred to Tier 1 U.S. Universities
87% of our students transfer to Tier 1 (Top 200) U.S. universities .

The results of our holistic educational environment are evident in the string of Taylor’s ADP students who have been accepted into Tier 1 universities in the U.S., including those in the prestigious Ivy League.

We are proud to be among the few higher educational institutions in Malaysia who have consistently churned out ADP graduates who meet the stringent requirements and application procedures of some of the most elite universities in the U.S. and in the world.

Our students’ continued success in securing placements in these high-ranking institutions not only reflects the effectiveness of our teaching practice, but also speaks volumes about the level of care, support and guidance that we provide to them as part of their journey here at ADP.