From Classroom Theories to Real-Life Practice
At TBS, experience is at the heart of the learning process. Our carefully-tailored approach combines a strong foundation of theories, as well as avenues to apply these theories into practical settings.

In order to achieve this, we employ a variety of teaching and learning strategies, where students are exposed to real-life scenarios and industry-relevant experiences.

Our faculty is committed to providing students with a challenging and rewarding educational experience, resulting in a more engaging approach to learning across-the-board.

Service Learning
Service learning is incorporated as a core initiative in our business education, through community-based projects to enhance our students' sense of civic responsibility.

Read more community projects at csr.taylors.edu.my

The Programme for After Class Enrichment (PACE)
This programme, in collaboration with the Edge Education Foundation and EY (Ernst & Young), assists youth to perform better in their studies. TBS students contribute their individual efforts in order to make improvements in another person’s life, through academic support and mentoring in the form of tuition classes.

Do Something Good (DSG) and Social Enterprise Alliance Malaysia (SEA)
The strategic partnership between DSG and SEA creates a platform for TBS students to be actively involved in projects based on social entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

Module Adoption Programme
The Module Adoption Programme (MAP) facilitates the creation and exchange of new ideas as well as monitoring of the latest developments and trends in the industry.

This approach enables the School to work closely with the specialists of local and multinational companies to ensure that our curriculum is relevant and in-line with the latest requirements and demands of the industry.

Some of the local and multinationals who have worked closely with the School such as CIMA, ACCA, CPA Australia, Shiseido, Skali, Redmarch, EY (Ernst & Young), CIMB Group, Nielsen, KPMG, Deloitte and PwC.


Industry Immersion Programme
The Industry Immersion Programme goes beyond the classroom to provide students with valuable industry exposure and skills. Through this experience, students go on to become well-rounded graduates who are knowledgeable, have capable management skills and meet excellent industry standards.

The industry partners for this initiative are BDO, Deloitte, Maybank, PwC, Schlumberger, SHELL, Taylor’s Education Group and Zuellig Pharma.


Industry Visits
Our students have the opportunity to visit companies and gain first-hand insight into the real world of business. Students are also given a platform to communicate and network with professional organisations, with the opportunity to interview and discuss with its employees to obtain a more realistic picture of the industry.


International Field Trips
Field trips provide the opportunity for students to understand and get exposed to international business practices in a different cultural setting whilst exchanging views, experience, and network with students of foreign universities and communities.

International University Exposure
Students are given the opportunity to network and build relationships with peers and faculty members from universities around the world through different educational settings.

Keynote Speakers Series, Forums, Workshops and Conferences
These platforms link our students with industry leaders, through insightful talks and lectures. Students are given the opportunity to gain insights on global developments and issues that may impact their future practices.