More Than Just Education
Once a Taylorian, always a Taylorian.
We’re not just book smart; we study hard, we play harder, we live, we learn, we make new memories.

Vision Statement
To work towards a university campus where students embrace diversity, equality and value one another in creating and enjoying a shared learning experience. 
Mission Statement
  • The Student Experience Department is committed to provide a wide range of support services to students focusing on delivering an Awesome Customer Experience. The support services are designed to facilitate growth and personal development, whilst students strive to achieve their academic goals. 

  • The Student Experience Department seeks to continuously provide a wide range of student activities and programmes particularly in the areas of character building, global outlook, communication skills, employability, leadership, interpersonal, intrapersonal skills and sportsmanship for students to be all-rounders and better individuals.
Key Values
Student Experience aims to develop students with these characteristics: a positive mindset, a strong drive towards recognition, compassion for people around them, value team spirit in diversity and appreciate a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • Compassion
    Student Experience cultivates a culture of giving and instills in students a strong sense of compassion towards society.

  • Recognition
    Student Experience recognises the efforts made by students, and at the same time inspires them to value the contribution of others towards the success of their own lives.

  • Balance
    Student Experience encourages students to lead a balanced lifestyle as it brings out the best in them, in all aspects.

  • Team Spirit
    Student Experience provides platforms for students to master the skills of working with others and to build long-lasting networks.

  • Positive
    In the face of obstacles, Student Experience challenges students to stay positive and never give up.

  • Diversity
    Student Experience fosters understanding and cultural appreciation for people from all walks of life to ensure that students adapt well in a world that grows smaller in this globalised era.
Service Commitment
Student Experience assists and supports students’ study life and campus experience through delivery of a broad range of non-academic student services. Deliverables are gauged by:
  • Service Response
    Student Experience is committed to provide effective communication channels to students and is proactive in dealing with their requests.

  • Accessible
    Information is made accessible to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students are able to receive a reply to their request or feedback within one working day after the cases have been logged in to ensure that all issues are resolved promptly.

  • Quality of Services
    Adopting a customer-oriented approach, Student Experience ensures all students are treated professionally and with mutual respect to create an amicable environment at all times.

  • Responsible
    Every request and feedback is important to Student Experience and will be treated with confidentiality.

  • Quantifiable Results
    Every case will be tracked continuously to ensure that all queries are resolved satisfactorily within the time frame given. Student Experience strives for continuous improvement by analysing students’ feedback and providing them with added value services.