The Sport and Recreation Centre (SRC) provides a platform for students to lead a healthy and positive lifestyle through various sporting and fitness activities. The Centre comprises the following:
Area of Focus

1. On Campus Facilities
The Lakeside Campus is equipped with sports facilities for students to enjoy a well-rounded and balanced campus life. The Centre facilitates the bookings of various sports court facilities for sports such as basketball, dodgeball, netball, futsal, tennis and few others. Numerous sports and recreational activities are held at Taylor’s Sport Complex such as Taylor’s Sport Carnival, Inter Faculty Games, School Team Building activities and many more.

2. Recreation Activities
SRC offers a range of recreational club activities for all Taylorians such as scuba diving, rock climbing, adventures jungle tracking and hiking. These activities are organized by student bodies for those who are keen to engage in more recreation based activities in a much fun manner.
Taylor’s UNIGYM offers a range of recreational facilities and activities for their members at minimal fees such as gym workout area, swimming pool and dance studio for personal or group recreational activities. Group class such as ZUMBA, FITCAMP, HATHAYOGA, BHANGRA and a few others are conducted by professional instructors and is opened to all members to join for FREE as part of their membership. Members could also hire UNIGYM fitness instructors to achieve their personal fitness goals.

3. Sports Clubs
The Centre is committed to ensure a continues growth of Taylor’s Sports Club such as Dodgeball, Tennis, Futsal & Football, Basketball, Badminton and many others. Sports clubs are great platforms for students to learn and develop leadership, teamwork, communication and few other essential skills which would be an asset when they face the real world. Taylor's Sport Club consists of:

Dodgeball Club
Taylor's Lakeside Storm is the official Dodgeball Club at Taylor's University; whose aim is to capture the attention of the students and general public with the rising sport. Although the game is new to Malaysians, it was already widely played in America and made popular through the Dodgeball movie. The Malaysian Association of Dodgeball has made great strides in the local scene and Storm is not far off, having become a major competing force in its founding year. The club instills honor, integrity and fair play into its players while its cheerleaders, bloggers and spokespersons support the club with pride. Ask any of our members; Storm is not just a club, it becomes you.
Netballball Club
With top quality coaching and having a fine pool of netballers, Taylor’s Netball Club is the perfect place to improve your netball skills in a family friendly environment. Join the club and you will surely see difference within you. We build true CHARACTERS!!!
Volleyball Club

Taylor’s Volleyball Club mission is to provide a safe environment for all members to learn and develop their skill as a volleyball player. We believe that teamwork is the underlying basis for an athlete to understand and value its importance in the sport of volleyball. Good sportsmanship and camaraderie is practiced, so for all of you out there looking to make new friends, this is the club for you. Let's keep the club active and do anything it takes to be in the team and win tournaments.
Table Tennis Club

Objective of the club is to play the games after classes to keep ourselves healthy and fit as well as to foster friendships among table tennis enthusiast and sports in general. The club also provides platform for its members to represent the University and engage or experience the competitiveness side of the game in healthy Sporting manner.
Tennis Club

The Club offers quality tennis training on court and off court. Provide a platform to learn the game extensively. The club also looking to provide intensive training for members where members will benefit the aspect of physical, technical, tactical, mental training which will provide them with overall development of a student on and off the court.
Basketball Club

Basketball club aims to foster athlete growth, education and development of individuals who has vested passion for the basketball sport. For those basketball fanatics out there, join our club to further develop your skills not only as a basketball player but also to run a club and take place as a leader in the future.
Badminton Club

Taylor's University Badminton Club is one of the most popular interests amongst students. The club encourages equal participation and strong value of badminton, such as teamwork and fair play within the members of the club. Join us and fight for your spot to be part of the university badminton team.
Frisbee Club

The Frisbee Club is established in 2011 with the vision to promote and cultivate the sport at Taylor’s University. The sport is a new addition to the Taylor’s Sports Team and will be competing in the inter-university games. Frisbee Club prides itself not merely as a competitive sport but also looks at the aspects of the game that makes it so special, namely building incredible relationship among members on and off the field.
Athletics Club

Athletic Club objective is to develop and train individuals who have the passion for track, cross-country and road running. So, for those who would like to learn and also unleash your talents, join our club and be ready for more fun and exciting trainings and be part of Taylor’s Athletics Team.
Cricket Club

Taylor’s Cricket Club has one of the best facilities for training in the country with a top quality coach and a fine pool of players ranking from national and international players who are our very own Taylor’s students. Come and join us for trainings and develop yourself in this highly skilled sport.
Football & Futsal Club

Taylor's Lakeside Futsal & Football Club is currently the most fan-favorite club at Taylor's University. This club is created for the benefit of our very own Taylorians to discover their hidden talents and even to improve their natural-born skills of this enthusiastic sport. Many friendly competitions will be organized amongst students of Taylor’s University and even open to other Universities, in order to compete and prove in having to become a major competing force among each other. The club encourages fair play and pure talent into its players while its cheerleaders, photographers and organizers support the club with honor and respect.
Rock Climbing Club
Muay Thai Club
Chess Club
Scuba Diving Club

Sky Adventure Club
Esports Club
Ju Jutsu Club
Cheerleading Club



4.Sport Team

The Centre provides support for students who are selected to represent Taylor’s University Sport Team. In preparation for tournaments, SRC management team supports students by providing sports training facilities, sports equipment and logistic arrangements for student participant. The team manager engages professional certified coaches to work along with these student athletes to further develop their skills and deliver as a team and individual player to their utmost potential. SRC strives to produce not just an athlete but a “THINKING ATHLETE”.

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Location: Block B, Level 1 (Student Life Centre)
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm
Telephone: +603-5629 5212