Taylor’s School of Communication is an internationally well-respected and highly recognised centre for Media and Communication studies. The School has a strong foothold in two main areas, i.e. research and industry expertise.

Symposiums and Conferences
Symposiums and conferences such as the SEARCH Symposia and the International SEARCH Conference held once every two years, bring together the best minds in the field of communications, noted industry practitioners, as well as students to exchange knowledge.

Student Mobility Programme
In line with our philosophy to encourage students to “learn by doing”, School of Communication collaborates with international institutions, through the Student Mobility programme.

This series of educational programmes are aimed at educating and broadening the world views of School of Communication students, and increasing their global awareness.

Leveraging on our School’s international partnerships, students can choose to either complete a semester abroad or opt for a short overseas study trip. School of Communication is also developing international internship placements, and partnerships with other universities in Asia Pacific, to enhance our students’ educational journey.