The Corporate Excellence Unit works with Corporations and Government entities to design and deliver trainings for working adults to improve the organisation’s performance. The Unit also offers seminars and workshops in various themes. Experienced and certified corporate trainers develop and deliver the programmes, where relevant, the Unit will engage subject matter experts from the industry with hands-on experience to deliver the programme in order to ensure the quality of deliverance and up-to-date information.

There are 16 series under Corporate Excellence Programme:
  • Finance & Accounting Series
  • Hospitality Management & Leisure Series
  • Human Capital Development Series
  • Language & Communication Series
  • ICT & Technology Series
  • Leadership Development Series
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Series
  • Marketing & Sales Series
  • Personal Development Series
  • Project Management Series
  • Plantation & Mill Management Series
  • Retail & Shopping Complex Management Series
  • Sports Management & Leadership Series
  • Strategic & Quality Management Series
  • Teaching & Learning Series
  • Team Building