Welcome to the World of Wine An INTRODUCTION
Date : 17 & 18 February 2017
Programme Fees : RM1300 for 2 days
Programme Overview

The wine introduction program is intended for those with an interest to learn about wines. You may have little to no previous experience in the field of wines. The two day course aims to provide information of a wide interest ranging from the history, fundamentals of wine making and grape varieties, food and wine matching, proper wine storage and wine tasting technique. Other topics include understanding wine labels, quality designations, wine service, latest trends and responsible alcohol consumption.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand what wine is and identify the names of grape varieties used for wine making.
  • Classify and differentiate the old world and new world wines.
  • Read a wine label from old world and new world wines.
  • Understand how to systematically taste wine.
  • Identify and list the different storing and serving styles of wines.
Trainer’s Profile

Mayukh Dewan
Mr. Mayukh’s vast experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry are attributed to his travels across the different continents. He obtained his diploma from his homeland India, specializing in Chinese cuisine and Banquet Sales. His BA (Honors) International Hospitality Management was later awarded by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. This was where he conducted a research on the changing balance between the old world wine and new world wine sales in Edinburgh hotels and restaurants. He then went on to attain his Professional Masters in International Tourism and Hospitality Management from University of Toulouse in 2011. His Postgraduate research focused in the area of Sociology of food.

Before joining the hospitality academia, Mayukh was involved in an expansive range of work in the hospitality and gastronomic industry. He worked as a Hotel Night Manager at the King George Thistle Hotel in the heart of historic Edinburgh city, UK. Before the Thistle, he worked as an Operations Manager for a group of award winning chain of Indian specialty restaurants, Suruchi Innovative Restaurants in Edinburgh. His job profile included setting and maintaining the highest standards of customer service, supervising, training, motivating and developing all staff on duty, organising food and beverage promotion events and educational exhibitions, organising and conducting wine tasting events along with conducting dining etiquette classes. He has also worked as a Chef de Partie for hospitality catering, industrial catering and hospital catering. He started his career in the Taj Hotel Kolkata (5 star), India (A Member of Leading Hotels of the World) as a Supervisor/ Captain in Food and Beverage Service. With 16 years overall experience in 4 and 5 star category hotels and award winning restaurants in United Kingdom and India, Mr Mayukh certainly has a lot to offer his students.

Mr Mayukh Dewan is presently sharing his expertise as a Programme Specialist in the Wine and Spirit Centre of Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts. In addition to developing and improving on modules for the programme, he is working with the Centre for Research Innovation in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies (CRiT), to further expand the areas of research and innovation in Wine and Spirits. His passion in the field is not limited to activities on campus but he has also worked on creating linkages between the industry and academia through the Wine and Spirit institute via activities such as professional engagement, networking events and talks by industry experts.


An unforgettable meal often consists of three things great food, great company, and of course, that perfect drink. Understanding the science behind a great glass of wine, whisky, beer, or liqueur can go a long way in deepening your satisfaction when sipping that perfect glass of your favourite tipple. The Wine & Spirit Centre opens up a new world of possibilities for aficionados of wine and spirits, by showing you just what goes into creating that perfect glass of liquid magic.

There is a lot more to wine and spirits than just consuming them, and at The Wine & Spirit Centre, we try and put your mind at ease by getting you better acquainted with this intoxicating subject. Get more out of your glass of wine, whisky, beer and liqueur by understanding how they are made and what makes each one unique. Learn the science behind the making of wine and spirits, and the art of selecting the perfect accompaniment for a meal, season or festive occasion. You can be a part of the wide variety of events and activities organised by The Wine & Spirit Centre, including tasting events, tours, visits to distilleries and production plants, and meeting with industry experts who are well-immersed in the subject. It is simply a great way to meet people from different walks of life, with a common interest in wine and spirits.

International Certificate in Wine & Spirit (WSET®) Level 2
Date : 24 - 26 April 2017
Venue : Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus
Program Schedule : 8.45am - Registration
9.00am - Course
12.00pm - Lunch
1.00pm - Course
5.00pm - End of day
Programme Fees : RM3650 for 3 days (HRDF Claimable)
Course fee includes study packs, notes & wines for tasting
Programme Overview - Taste of Character

The perfect fusion of wine with food emits magic to any dining experience. Learn this charm effortlessly with the necessary knowledge, technique and skills regardless if you’re an enthusiast, beginner or professional in the hospitality food and beverage industry. At Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, we are well known in the industry for offering highly sought after professional wine training programme. This International Certification in Wine & Spirit (WSET®) is specifically designed for working adults to further develop their wine knowledge skills. This programme is highly recommended for staffs who sell and serve wine, and to anyone who wishes to enhance their wine knowledge. At the end of the programme, you will master the classifications of wine, match it with the perfect cuisine, recommend the finest drink, improve on wine selling skills and serve wine skilfully.

WSET® Level 2 provides an in-depth understanding of the principles of wine tasting and evaluation, as well as the nature, history and production of wines and spirits. Also covers basic guidance on appropriate selection, service and understanding of the broad range of alcoholic beverages. Ideal for those who wish to learn more about the subject, this programme helps to upgrade their skills and competencies in the customer service and sales functions in the hospitality, wine retail and wholesale industry. After the completion of level 2, you are required to sit for an examination to receive a certification of international recognition from Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®) upon passing.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:
  • Have an insight of grape growing and wine making
  • Interpret the labels of the major alcoholic beverages of the world
  • Give guidance on appropriate selection and service
  • Know the principles of wine tasting and evaluation
  • Give information on the characteristics of spirits and liqueurs and identify major international brands within each category
About WSET®
  • WSET® provides both part-time and full-time courses that will provide you with the foundation on how to select, evaluate, taste and serve wine and other alcoholic beverages
  • WSET® is based in London. It is the leading provider of World-Class Qualifications delivering informative and entertaining courses for the wine and spirit industry, and consumers worldwide
  • WSET® is the only wine and spirit education entity approved by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority, the UK Government’s regulator for education
  • Over 17,000 candidates in 38 countries have sat for WSET® exams in 8 different languages
Trainer’s Profile

Joaquim Dias Soeiro
Originated from Paris, France, Joaquim moved in his early years to the South West of France. Located in Cahors, typical gastronomic area, he grows up in the middle of vineyards and luxurious food products such as foie gras and black truffles.

His first few years of experience in the hotel industry started in 1996 in local gastronomic restaurants. From Toulouse to Paris, via Lille, Biarritz or Marseille, Joaquim experienced various types of establishments from renowned 5 star hotels to Michelin star restaurants: Le Sebastopol (1 Michelin star, Lille), Les Jardins de I’Opéra (1 Michelin star, Toulouse), L’Hermitage Gantois (5 star hotel, Lille), Le Plaza Athénée (5 star hotel, Paris). Restaurant operation, restaurant management, bartending, sommellerie and kitchen management are all the fields in which he went through for 8 years.

His studies in Toulouse Hotel School and University Toulouse le Mirail helped to develop his skills and knowledge to train in distinguished hotels and restaurants. He is trained bartender in the Hotel du Palais, a 4 star hotel in Biarritz; and a trained sommelier in Le Carré des Feuillants, a 2 star Michelin restaurant in Paris.

Joaquim completed his Master in International Hospitality Management and made another significant achievement by obtaining a ‘pass and merit’ for both theory and tasting, in the advanced level of the WSET training programme from UK. Studying beverages is part of his everyday life with a more particular attention to worldwide wines, his main passion.

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