Transforming People and Organisations into Tomorrow’s Leaders
Established in 1996, Taylor’s Centre for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) opens doors to professional development. We help people to grow and improve themselves through a continuous learning process. Drawing from our own expertise and establishing strategic links with academic and industry partners worldwide, we provide a wide range of contemporary programmes that reflect the needs of global businesses.

Our objectives are to:
  • Promote excellent leadership through continuing professional development in organisations;
  • Instil a clearer understanding of people in organisations and their developmental needs so as to maximise their potentials for organisational effectiveness;
  • Encourage collaborative co-operation amongst individuals and institutions in implementing continuing professional development programmes for national development
  • Meet the training needs of industries by organising customised courses
The programme offered at our Centre are designed to assist professionals who are seeking an upgrade in their employment and self-enhancement in developing new skills. Our high-quality programmes are open to everyone and designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.


Corporate Excellence Unit
The Corporate Excellence Unit works with Corporations and Government entities to design and deliver trainings for working adults to improve the organisation’s performance. The Unit also offers seminars and workshops in various themes. Experienced and certified corporate trainers develop and deliver the programmes, where relevant, the Unit will engage subject matter experts from the industry with hands-on experience to deliver the programme in order to ensure the quality of deliverance and up-to-date information.

Executive Education & Lifelong Learning Unit
In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing environment, it is people who determine the success of an organisation. Through lifelong learning, individuals are able to expand their minds, develop fresh skills, build new experiences and ultimately achieve greater heights.

The Unit offers Career Certificate, Professional Diploma, Executive Bachelor and Executive Master to individual working professionals seeking to up-skill and upgrade themselves to enhance their careers via various lifelong learning programmes.

Human Capital Consulting Services Unit
The Unit works closely with SMEs to assist them in their business. By understanding the training and development needs of an organisation, the Unit customise the training programme to suit the purpose, with adding relevant case studies or exercise incorporating client specific examples.