International Certification in Cake Decorating
“I had zero knowledge about decorating cakes prior to taking this course. But now I’ve learnt techniques to transform a simple cake into something unique and stylish.”
Junaidi Joon, Café Manager

“Chef Patma was great. She was unselfish in sharing her knowledge and her patience and enthusiasm in teaching us was inspiring.”
Renuka Chandran, Bank Officer
International Certification in Cuisine
“I’m glad I took this course as it has taught me to be more daring and innovative in my cooking in terms of experimenting with ingredients.”
Janet New, Karaoke Centre Administrator

"The course has given me the courage to cook up a feast for my friends and family. Before enrolling in the programme, I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen. But now I am more confident having become trained in French cooking.”
David Leong, Life Insurance Agent

“Through this course, I realise that it is not that difficult after all to prepare good fine dining dishes.”
Josephine Sta Maria, VP of Group Corporate Communications

"The course was enlightening and enjoyable thanks especially to Chef Bala’s experience and willingness to teach. He was always happy to help and we learnt a lot from him.”
Jeslin Pang, Student
International Certification in Patisserie
“It was worth spending money on this course. I enjoy cooking, but every time I made a cake, it didn’t turn out right and it was frustrating. Now I’ve learnt in detail how I can produce beautiful desserts by blending the right ingredients together, using proper techniques and paying close attention to things like timing and texture.”
Nalavini Devi, Finance Director

“The part I enjoyed most about the pastry course was the opportunity to make and decorate my own cake. I’m sure everyone has tried Black Forest, but to be able to create the cake from scratch on my own is a feat that I’m truly proud of.”
Angela Pauline Liew, Student

“The course is very practical. Since giving up work to become a homemaker, I now devote my spare time in helping out at my husband’s bakery. Although he is still the better cook, enrolling in the course has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that has helped to close the gap. I’m definitely bolder in trying out new creations.”
Rozidah Said, Homemaker

“I enjoyed the course thoroughly and learned so many new techniques, methods and recipes during the eight weeks. I’ve grown as a chef and without a doubt, boosted my career.”
Ang Ten Jin, Sous Chef

“It’s so flattering when your husband, parents and in-laws look forward to your coming back from the pastry class to they can have a go at the cakes, cookies, mousse, crepes, pancakes and quick breads that you have learned to prepare.”
Sharifah Nur Afzan, course participant
Executive Certificate in Event Management
“As head of business development, I’ve conducted a fair bit of events, but it’s usually been through a trial and error process. Through this course, I’ve learned how to organise events using a more systematic approach. This is very important since I plan to go into event management full-time in the future.”
Vyjayanthi, Head of Business Development