Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (TCHT) took the initiative to establish a research centre in 2008 known as ERITA-ASIA, which was an Interdisciplinary Research Centre in the field Hospitality, Tourism and Food Studies. ERITA-ASIA is an extension of the research centre based in the University of Toulouse, France. The conception of an Asian branch of ERITA called ERITA-ASIA was introduced and established as part of the Taylor’s Toulouse cooperation with the aim to grow the areas of postgraduate programmes and research. The main objective of ERITA was then to carry out fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research in hospitality, tourism and food studies.

In 2010, as Taylor’s University College achieved the full-fledge University status; Taylor’s University has decided to rename ERITA-Asia as CRiT: Centre for Research & Innovation in Tourism whilst maintaining the spirit of cooperation through Taylor’s Toulouse University Centre linking CRIT with CERTOP-TAS the University of Toulouse Research Centre.
  • Develop research programmes in the fields of tourism development, hotel and food system organisation, cultural aspects of tourism and food.
  • Develop applied research programmes in relation with research organisations and industry.
  • To prepare and enrol lecturers to complete their PhD in local universities.
  • To serve the regional community’s need for access to information resources and professional expertise.
  • To collaborate with other educational, entrepreneurial, governmental, and-profit entities in promoting the educational, economic, and cultural development of the region in hospitality and tourism field.

Further in 2010 ERITA Asia evolved to become a full-fledged research centre called Centre for Research and Innovation in Tourism (CRiT), which is the current state of the Centre.