There is no denying that the tourism industry will play a significant role in realising the nation’s targets and objectives.

CRiT has been established in a climate of growing co-operation between the public and private sectors in Malaysia. The Public Private Partnership (PPP) was introduced under the government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to connect and utilise expertise from all areas to catapult the nation’s tourism industry to even greater heights.

Since its inception, CRiT has been introduced to Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC), Economic Planning Unit and the Public Private Partnership Unit (3PU) of the Prime Minister’s Department, as well as various private agencies in the tourism and hospitality industry.

While consultancy, training and research into the promotion of tourism, hospitality and food studies in Malaysia is a primary focus, CRiT welcomes collaborations for projects undertaken on behalf of other organisations both local and international.

Creation and Transformation of New Knowledge in Tourism Through Services (Consultancy, Training & Research)

Consulting, Our Passion
Taylor’s policy of encouraging staff to consult with the industry and government has led to many joint projects, cementing links and raising our profile among various public and private bodies. Taylor’s University has expanded its network and increased its credibility while opening more opportunities for future research and consultancy projects. As CRiT is housed within School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts at Taylor’s University, it can draw upon the skills, knowledge, talents, experience and networks of its staff.

Training, Our Expertise
CRiT has been helping professionals further develop their skills and expertise through enrichment programmes that are tailored to their specific interest and needs. From enhancing skills to maximising profits and performance, our specialised programmes are designed to enable career advancement and help enrich lives.

Research, Our Behaviour
Research is another area that Taylor’s has emphasised. Hence, CRiT has, under its aegis, a pool of staff well-versed in research in the areas of tourism, hospitality and food studies. Postgraduate students enrolled in the university are encouraged to participate and collaborate with staff on research projects. With such diversified expertise, researchers are able to work together on research and innovation projects, in their areas of expertise. Researchers can also provide guidance and consultancy while sharing and exchanging knowledge with one another.

CRiT is backed by individual from different backgrounds, skills and experience, thus, offering a holistic view of any consultancy, training and research activities.

What CRiT Offers
  • Innovative Products & Services Development
  • Routine Analytical Services
  • Consulting / Contract-Research
  • Training
  • Partnerships & Collaboration
  • Publications / Journals
  • Cost Benefits and Impact Studies
  • Research and Grants
  • Scientific Conferences, Forums & Seminars
  • Awards & Recognition