1. Design as an Enterprise
Good design transcends aesthetics and visuals. We provide an environment that is innovative, developing design graduates who are able to apply design thinking in shaping the profitability and success of organisations, to play a strategic role in the organisations’ future.
2. Design as a Global Connection
We continue to explore ways to expand the creative process by immersing students in different learning environments. Students will learn to appreciate and develop designs that transcend different cultures, perceptions and values, to produce universallyappealing work.
3. Design with a Purpose
Successful design should also be functional, provide solutions to problems and fulfill the needs of end-users. Our students are exposed to platforms that keep them abreast with the industry, including the opportunity to work on real projects with real clients.
4. Design as a Shared Experience
Students are given opportunities to engage in sharing of ideas and knowledge as well as discussion with peers, faculty members and the industry, to broaden their creative process and enable them to develop awareness about the many facets of the design discipline.